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Editorial: The coronavirus and you

With five cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) being reported in BC, it’s important to remember the advice that has been recommended by our public health officials.   “Remember that the most important thing you can do is wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. This basic action can help prevent getting ... Read More »

Don’t buy Coast gas

When the BC Government found, through a report by the BC Utilities Commission, that BC gasoline customers were being gouged at the pumps by 13 cents per litre on the price of gas in southern BC compared to the rest of the Pacific Northwest, the Sunshine Coast Labour Council believed that change was coming. Unfortunately, ... Read More »

Assistance, please

(Re “BC Ferries’ error”, letters, the Local, Jan. 30) I would like to thank Mr. Johns for his observations and assure him that, since my retina surgeries over 10 years ago and the need for monthly treatments, I have utilized all the options he recommends. As these treatments now involve two to three hours of ... Read More »

Editorial: Edibles – start low, go slow

Stay calm and take one bite at a time. Now that cannabis edibles are hitting retail shelves, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) has a number of tips for people to avoid the unpleasant consequences that can come from accidental over-consumption. “We’ve seen for many years that it’s easy for people, especially those who have less experience ... Read More »

Religion’s bad name

(Re “Suzuki’s imagination”, letters, the Local, Feb. 6)  I would like to supply just one example of which Suzuki speaks.  I remember James G. Watt, US Secretary of the Interior from 1981 to 1983, who was very pro-development and anti-environmentalist. You can draw your own conclusions from some of his quotes: “My responsibility is to ... Read More »

Betrayal of community

As Sechelt council begins its review of yet another bid by Trellis to build a long-term care facility in West Sechelt, a damning report by BC Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie puts the lie to many of the claims made by defenders of the project. Entitled “A Billion Reasons to Care”, the report gives decisive proof ... Read More »

I’ve been hoodwinked

(Addressed to MLA Nicholas Simons and government ministers, and copied to the Local.) As the months and years tick by it becomes all the more obvious how little you really care about seniors in this community and across the province. Isn’t it about profit? Well I have to call you on this because the facts ... Read More »

UN bombers

(Addressed to United Nations delegates and copied to the Local)  I am writing to delegates because I believe the United Nations can and should help to maintain our security against the ever-increasing devastation of wildfires.  At this very moment Australia is burning, killing animals, plants, trees and ecosystems. This also happened in British Columbia, Canada ... Read More »

Cyclists take note

The detour sign on Lower Rd. at the foot of Leek Rd. in Roberts Creek allows cars through so residents between Leek and the washout can get in and out. However, east-bound cyclists and pedestrians come through not realizing they cannot get past the washout (three driveways before the cemetery) because of the metal fencing ... Read More »

Editorial: What media SHOULD report

I was 14 when North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950. As an adolescent, I was more preoccupied with puberty-related personal issues than politics. But when Canada sent military personnel as part of a UN effort, I religiously followed the battle lines. Every day the local paper’s front page reported how troops were doing, with ... Read More »

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