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Stop the logging

(Addressed to Forests Minister Doug Donaldson and Environment Minister George Heyman, and copied to the Local.) We have written to you earlier in favour of expanding the rather small Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park from 140ha to 2,000ha to protect red and blue listed plant communities and increase recreational opportunities for a growing regional population.   ... Read More »

BC Ferries “insulting”

(Addressed to MLA Nicholas Simons, and copied to the Local) You may remember that in 2018 I missed a specialist medical appointment in Vancouver because of an overload at Langdale, and that this problem was resolved by the BC Ferries Customer Relations Manager providing a Medical Assured Loading letter that could be presented at the ... Read More »

Editorial: Get ready for the storm

Now that winter weather has settled in on the Sunshine Coast, it truly is time to consider your preparations for an emergency – or just a prolonged power outage. A recent BC Hydro report finds despite experiencing the most damaging winter storm in BC Hydro’s history last winter, many British Columbians remain unprepared for storm-related ... Read More »

Royal concern

(An open letter to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, copied to government leaders and the Local.) Welcome to Canada, Harry and Meghan. Knowing what I do of you, from the media, I am confident that you share Canadians’ concern for the homeless among us who are attempting to stay alive, particularly in the winter ... Read More »

Stop privatization

(Re “Support shortsighted”, letters, the Local, Jan. 9) Myself and many seniors who live on fixed incomes are rightly grateful for the advocacy carried out in support of publicly funded health care by Protect Public Health – Sunshine Coast and its hard-working chair, Wendy Hunt. Hundreds of citizens have signed petitions and attended town hall ... Read More »

Death by cell phone

In 2018, reproduction rates had dropped well below replacement levels in all but one of the world’s technologically advanced countries. In all the affected countries sperm counts had dropped below 50 per cent of normal. We’ve known for many years that cell phone radiation kills sperm.  In 2000, scientists advised the British government that nobody ... Read More »

Editorial: Understanding dementia

Sechelt and other Sunshine Coast residents living with dementia are going public for a third consecutive year in an effort to change hearts and minds and tackle the ongoing discrimination they experience in their day-to-day lives. Like many Canadians, they are courageously stepping forward with their personal stories in the Alzheimer Society’s nation-wide campaign, “I ... Read More »

Support shortsighted

(Re “Time to just do it”, letters, the Local, Dec. 19) It’s disappointing that a physician who has experienced first-hand the Coast’s acute care crisis imagines it will be reduced if Vancouver Coastal Health turns long-term care into a money-making enterprise. There is ample evidence that privatization not only jeopardizes the quality of senior care, ... Read More »

Think of the fish

We think the Davis Bay/Wilson Creek/Selma Park Community Association made a good point to try out an 18-month moratorium on sport fishing and crabbing on the Davis Bay pier.   It is disgusting the mess people leave behind. My husband and I never walk the pier anymore because of this. It seems the pier belongs ... Read More »

Consult with customers

(Sent to Gibsons council and copied to the Local)  My neighbour told me they received a letter telling them you were spending more money hiring someone to tell you if the Gibsons District Energy Utility (GDEU) is worth continuing. In February 2017,  after the geothermal system crashed, your director of engineering told the Parkland residents: ... Read More »

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