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Editorial: Time to talk turkey

The facts of the climate crisis aren’t in dispute. We know the planet is heating at an unnaturally rapid rate, mostly because humans are wastefully burning fossil fuels and destroying natural areas like forests and wetlands that store carbon, putting human health and survival at risk. Yet, as many of us break bread with family ... Read More »

Use beach logs

(Addressed to Premier John Horgan and copied to the Local)  The news in BC is very disturbing about the closures and shutdowns of our sawmills, plywood and pulp mills around the province, citing “lack of wood supply”. In a recent discussion with the press you said, “it’s time to add value to the province’s forestry ... Read More »

Focus on function

(Re “Roadwork in downtown Sechelt”, the Local, Dec. 12) I was very confused to read in the roadwork story where Mayor Siegers is quoted saying, “Our community… often tells us need more bike lanes.” While this may be true, I’m not sure that this same community is clamouring for bike lanes in downtown Sechelt, where ... Read More »

Not at all amusing

(Re “four-faced” editorial cartoon, the Local, Dec. 12) I understand the political bias of your cartoonist, but it’s getting to be boring and not at all amusing.  The election is over, give it a rest with the Trudeau bashing; it’s bad enough with MSM (main stream media). You guys can surely do better (maybe you ... Read More »

Don’t approve Frontier

(Addressed to MP Patrick Weiler and Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, and copied to the Local) Our new Liberal government was elected on the promise that climate action would be its top priority.  If it is serious about this, then there is no way that it can justify approving the proposed Frontier mine that is currently ... Read More »

Editorial: The power of Christmas

A new BC Hydro report finds British Columbians’ knack for hosting guests on Christmas Day contributes to a 15-per-cent increase in the electricity used in BC homes, leading to post-holiday costs for many. The report titled “Hosts use the most: British Columbians cooking up higher holiday electricity bills” finds British Columbians’ hosting habits, especially cooking, ... Read More »

Time to just do it

Three and a half years after Vancouver Coastal Health signed a contract with Trellis Senior Services to build and operate a new long-term care facility on the Sunshine Coast it appears that this project can come to fruition. The new facility, Silverstone, will be located in West Sechelt. For the first time since its inception ... Read More »

For society’s good

Yes, we urgently need long-term care for our elderly and ultimately for ourselves, but union versus non-union is not a non-issue. Unfortunately, our society has lost its moral compass. Companies only look out for the shareholders’ good, and not for the good of the workers, the customers or the community. Public financing is beholden to ... Read More »

Lit up by kindness

I tend to be a bit of a Grinch about Christmas, always loath to be swept into the collective madness of consuming and consuming. But I try not to let my resistance take too much energy. This year I bought quite a few gifts from the excellent knitters of St. Hilda’s Church and most of ... Read More »

Editorial: The politics of seafood

Oceans hold a lot of mystery, even for people who study them. But it’s no mystery why they’re in trouble. We’ve been using them to hide our waste – dumping oil, plastic, toxic chemicals, radioactive sludge, sewage and fishing gear into them for decades.  If we want to continue to enjoy all that oceans provide, ... Read More »

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