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Editorial: Time for concrete solutions

Most of us rarely think about concrete, but it’s the foundation of modern society – from roads, buildings and bridges to the economy, political power and crime. We use more of it than anything except water. Concrete has been a great driver of human progress. It’s allowed us to build up instead of out, made ... Read More »

Taxes for roads

I understand that Sechelt council intends to spend $6 million to do something to gold-plate Trail Avenue? I use that road regularly and, except for one intersection which is resembles Field Road, what is wrong with Trail compared to all the other decrepit roads around here that it attracts so much tax money? Do any ... Read More »

Tax dollars at work

Poise Island Park is situated on Porpoise Bay. Some things of note: there is a fallen tree lying on the beach; a 24-ft. overturned boat named Miss Keats, lying on the beach, the present owner should be happy to be rid of it; and the trees need to be topped and/or de-limbed to allow more ... Read More »

Thank you, taxpayers

I thank all the Gibsons taxpayers for your generous support with your tax dollars to keep the Gibson’s District Energy Utility (GDEU, Parkland Geothermal) running so we can have heat. The 58 residents of Parkland phase 1&2 must use the GDEU by covenant and annually put about $30,000 into the Town coffers. According to the ... Read More »

Salmon and culture

(Addressed to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and copied to the Local)   I am writing this email to voice my concerns over upcoming management decisions of Pacific salmon, in particular Chinook.  If we are truly at the point where every fish counts for the long-term viability and survival of Fraser River Chinook salmon, then I ... Read More »

The LNG threat

(Addressed to Premier John Horgan and copied to the Local) Howe Sound is quite clean and supporting fabulous sea life now that it’s free of poison wastes from mills and mines.  Currently people can’t always harvest the shellfish, but children can safely swim in the Howe Sound waters. How long will the sea there be ... Read More »

Editorial: Bees in the city

If there’s one thing bees and many city dwellers have in common, it’s a love of gardens. That’s good news for both because it means there’s hope for reversing the decline of bee populations worldwide. Cities are important refuges for these critical pollinators and could ultimately hold the key to their survival. Canada is home ... Read More »

Cavalcade cancelled

This is a sad notice from the Sunshine Coast Sea Cavalcade Society (SCSCS) Board:  There will be NO Sea Cavalcade Festival in 2019. We no longer have the skilled, dedicated volunteers coming on board to learn and complete the many, many tasks that have been needed to stage past sea cavalcades. Our liabilities cannot be ... Read More »

Be the change

(Re “Students rally on a Friday for the future”, the Local, March 21) The children have spoken. Now can we start to talk about what we can do to lower our carbon footprint. Every little bit counts. We could fly less or we could eat less meat and dairy or we could use less plastic. ... Read More »

Grotesque insult

(Re Weekly Cartoon, WW2 and the war on opioids, March 14) Your editorial cartoon is a grotesque insult to the men and women who lost their lives serving the country in the two world wars. Those people were on the front lines of horror we can’t even imagine, and gave their lives for our freedom. ... Read More »

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