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Interesting politics

In the legislature, each MLA has one vote.  His/her vote is of equal weight to every other vote and the majority rules. The votes that elected him/her to the legislature, however, are not equal.  For example, he/she can be elected with only 29 per cent of the riding’s votes eliminating the other 71 per cent.  ... Read More »

Fringe identified

(Re “FPTP isn’t broken”, letters, the Local, Nov. 1) Even though every one of us would be able to vote our conscience in the proportional representation system, there’s a lot of fear around it. Fear of the “fringe”. I am that “fringe” voice you’re afraid of, because under the current system, when the party of ... Read More »

Be armed, get the shot

A new flu season is upon us, and Vancouver Coastal Health is reminding people vaccines continue to be the best way for people to protect themselves and their loved ones. Flu shots are now available at Vancouver Coastal Health Public Health clinics, your doctor’s office, walk-in clinics and pharmacies. To find a flu clinic near ... Read More »

Customer service? 

(Addressed to BC Ferries, and copied to the Local) On Thursday, Nov.1, I attempted to purchase a ticket for the 2:10pm ferry at 2:02pm. I was told ticket sales were cut off. I pointed out that the ferry had not finished loading as it was running late but was refused a ticket. In the past, ... Read More »

Abject betrayal

(Addressed to MLA Nicholas Simons, and copied to the Local)  It is now 18 months since the NDP took power in British Columbia. Prior to the election the party opposed privatized senior care, condemned the VCH-Trellis deal and vowed to begin a process of stakeholder engagement. Since taking office your government has broken all its ... Read More »

Leash your cat

(Re “Keep your cat inside”, the Local, Oct. 25) Recently, the World Wildlife Fund reported our planet has lost 60 per cent of its wildlife since 1970, and the trend is worsening.  Sixty-nine per cent of some bird populations have disappeared.  This is extremely depressing news, so it was with gratitude I saw the District ... Read More »

Dart-board politics

The BC government is requesting a vote on a change to the election of representatives in the Legislature. The current information by Elections BC does not specify how the proposed Proportional Representation systems will alter the elected results, by example. It seems that a portion of selected votes will be attributed to the parties who ... Read More »

Collaborative system

The last four elections in BC from May, 2005 up to our last election in May, 2017 have all been using the current electoral system of “First Past the Post” (FPTP).  Now we are given an opportunity to change the system to Proportional Representation (PR) The results of these four elections have been somewhat consistent ... Read More »

Alphabet politics

FPTP? DMP? MMP? RUP? What kind of game are they playing with us?   If you don’t understand what you are being asked to vote on, they say you should go on line to or call 1 800-661 8683. Try it. You will certainly be no wiser.  The staff who manage the voting must ... Read More »

Be sure to vote

First, if you have not received your ballot for the referendum on proportional representation by Nov. 5, you can pick one up at the Service BC office,  102 – 5710 Teredo Street ( 604-885-5187).  Take two pieces of identification. Second, read all the directions and realize it is extremely important to answer question 1.   ... Read More »

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