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How to snack “mindfully”

Many people give little thought to the snacks that take up space on their pantry shelves. But are the foods people eat between meals worthy of more careful attention? Those who subscribe to mindful snacking would suggest they are. According to the International Food Information Council Foundation, mindful eating focuses on slowing down and tuning ... Read More »

Time to get your flu shot

Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) are reminding everyone that flu season is fast approaching and the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is the flu shot. “This is one of those times when ‘going viral’ is not cool,” says Fraser Health Medical Health Officer Dr. Aamir Bharmal. “Instead, help protect ... Read More »

The dangers of vaping

Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices were once described as potentially “safer” and “healthier” methods of smoking, even by leading health organizations. Many former tobacco smokers even turned to e-cigarettes as a method to quitting traditional cigarettes. However, recent research into vaping and a rash of mysterious lung illnesses and deaths recently linked to vaping ... Read More »

Surveying gay seniors

The Sunshine Coast Resource Centre recently received funding from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons Program for Seniors to explore the needs and experiences of senior members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community (LGBTQ+) on the Sunshine Coast. The project was launched Oct. 4 with an Outreach survey inviting community members to participate, ... Read More »

How to limit hearing loss

A certain degree of hearing loss can be a normal part of the aging process. However, people who take steps to protect their hearing long before Father Time takes his toll can prevent the extreme hearing loss suffered by millions of seniors across the globe. John’s Hopkins Medicine states that approximately 15 per cent of ... Read More »

Homeopathy and back-to-school stress

Parents, teachers and children are feeling “back to school” stress and chaos. It is an exciting time of the year, but it can also be a source of stress and can overwhelm some children, not only at the beginning of school, but as stress accumulates throughout the year. If you are parent, or an adult ... Read More »

The “radical physician” speaks out

The Sunshine Coast ElderCollege presents the annual Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture with Dr. Michael C. Klein: “Challenging the Medical System: The Career of a Dissident Doctor”, on Saturday, Sept. 21. The free lecture starts at 2pm at Chatelech Secondary in Sechelt. All ages are welcome. Refusing to serve as a doctor in the American military ... Read More »

Mental illness: Help for the families

“Strengthening Families Together” (SFT) is a 10-session education program, sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Branch of the BC Schizophrenia Society.  It provides information about living daily with a mental illness for family and friends of individuals with mood, anxiety and psychotic disorders. The classes provide education about different mental illnesses as well as support, awareness, ... Read More »

Why antioxidants from natural sources are good for you

The term “antioxidants” is frequently associated with cancer prevention. Antioxidants are helpful, but many people may not fully comprehend the role antioxidants play in fighting cancer. Antioxidants are chemicals that interact with and neutralize free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage, offers the National Cancer Institute. Free radicals are formed in the body by ... Read More »

CBD oil and arthritis

Health-conscious consumers have no doubt encountered advertisements for CBD oil at some point in recent memory. Supplement stores, pharmacies and even gyms may promote CBD oil, prompting consumers to wonder just what CBD is and how it may or may not play a role in the treatment of certain conditions, including arthritis. According to the ... Read More »

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