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Safety tips for outdoor fun this summer

As the weather heats up, Sunshine Coast residents are heading outdoors to soak up the fun. Whether cycling, camping, boating, hiking, or even barbecuing, outdoor enthusiasts should plan on safety first. Cyclists must always be on alert for those with whom they are sharing the trails and the road.  With Bike to Work Week in ... Read More »

Health and Fitness – a national responsibility

As the father of three young children and as the MP for West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky, I’m grateful to live in a riding so full of opportunities to be active, both indoors and out.  But most Canadians are not as physically active as needed to be healthy – physically, mentally, ... Read More »

Food sovereignty on the Sunshine Coast

On Thursday, May 16 at 3pm, MP John Weston met with Chris Hergesheimer (President of One Straw Society) and Justin French (Food Action Network Coordinator) to discuss food security and other programs related to food systems on the Coast. One Straw Society was founded by the late Robin Wheeler and is an organization that helps ... Read More »

Workshop explores ‘process of becoming human’

An intensive four-day workshop sponsored by the Canadian Craniosacral Biodynamic Center and open to the general public, The Embryo in Us: Understanding the Self as Embryo explores principles influencing the process of becoming human through science and religion, matter and spirit, creation and evolution in both the micro- and macrocosm. From June 6 to 9 ... Read More »

Sunscreen, sunshine myths and misinformation

As summer season approaches and many Coast residents plan camping trips and visits to local beaches, it’s time to consider how much sun is too much. With all the information about sun exposure, skin cancer and the need for increased levels of Vitamin D, it has become difficult to sort out what is healthy and ... Read More »

Seeing the importance of regular eye care

Vision Health Month is a nationwide awareness campaign supported by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and Canadian Doctors of Optometry, two organizations dedicated to reducing preventable vision loss and improving Canadians’ eye health.  Vision Health Month is an opportunity to bring eye health education and awareness into the public spotlight. Vision loss ... Read More »

Reflect on mental health at Gibsons Library

Mental Health Week is May 6 to 12 and has been celebrated by the Canadian Mental Health Association since 1951. This year, Gibsons Public Library will have books, materials, and extra resources available to its patrons. It’s a good time to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health. ... Read More »

Can you get enough Vitamin D solely from the sun?

Adequate levels of Vitamin D can help in the prevention of many conditions and illnesses including cancer, heart disease, hypertension, depression, arthritis, and diabetes. Whether you are reading Scientific American or BC Living Magazine you are no doubt seeing articles on the benefits of Vitamin D.  The overall buzz around Vitamin D is incredible and with ... Read More »

It’s the season for allergies

More than one in six Canadians suffer from hay fever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis. Depending on what a person is allergic to, allergy season can start in the early spring and last right through to the first killing frost of the autumn. Spring has arrived, which for some can mean months of sneezing, itchy eyes, nose and ... Read More »

Burger benefit at Boomers for Naturally Autistic People Awards

This will be the first of a series of monthly benefit fundraisers and awareness opportunities for our local community to get involved. Find out more about this international conference and awards gala. On April 26, Boomers Burger Bar at Sunnycrest Mall will host a benefit for the upcoming International Naturally Autistic People Awards Convention and Festival (INAPA) to ... Read More »

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