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Tips for making a smooth transition for your pet

Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful things we do. Hiring a realtor to help will reduce a human’s stress but not their dog or cat’s. Here are some tips for making a move as smooth as possible for our furry friends: Pack early Pack as much as you can ahead ... Read More »

Hosting Thanksgiving during pandemic

Much like the holidays that preceded it in 2020, Thanksgiving figures to be different this year. An ongoing pandemic has changed the way much of the world lives their lives, including how holidays are celebrated. As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 spread across the globe beginning in the winter of 2019-20, the World Health Organization recommended ... Read More »

Smoked turkey this Thanksgiving

Thanks in large part to a global pandemic, Thanksgiving figures to be celebrated a little differently this year than in years past. Family gatherings may not be as large. In addition to smaller gatherings, many families may opt to host Thanksgiving dinner outdoors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the COVID-19 virus ... Read More »

Housing Market finishes strong

It was a busy September that capped off a strong finish to the quarter on BCs Sunshine Coast. September year-over-year comparison is as follows: September 2019 saw 66 total sales – 35 of them were single-family detached, and the average price of those homes was $728,500. The average time on market was 90 days, and ... Read More »

Tips to increase value of your home

I expect the Sunshine Coast market to start slowing down over the next few weeks and, if there is another shut down due to COVID-19 over the winter, the 2021 spring market could be busier than we have ever seen. Summer may have only just turned to fall, but if you’re considering putting your property ... Read More »

No shortage of schools on the Sunshine Coast

If you’re considering moving your family to BC’s Sunshine Coast, know that there’s no shortage of schools. Local School District 46 is well known for the quality of its schools, teachers and programs. There are a total of nine elementary schools with locations stretching from Langdale to Madeira Park. They go from kindergarten up-to-and-including grade ... Read More »

Multiple offers commonplace

The madness continues on the Sunshine Coast. Multiple offers are now commonplace, and pretty much any detached home in Gibsons under $500,000 likely won’t last one day without an offer. Not having to catch the ferry has opened our market up to young families that are attracted to the opportunity to own a detached home ... Read More »

Realtors follow strict COVID-19 protocol

Realtors now need to follow a strict COVID-19 protocol when showing houses to clients. We must have our buyers and sellers sign waivers. Buyers can no longer ride in our cars. There are no more open houses. Masks and gloves need to be worn, and surfaces wiped down after showings are complete. After doing some ... Read More »

Why weeds will always be with us

The ubiquitous nature of weeds can make them seem like they can grow anywhere, and that’s because they can. Weeds can grow anywhere there’s room for them to sprout, including gardens, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. One of the things that helps weeds spread so much is how productive they can be at producing seeds. ... Read More »

Containers: gardening close at hand

Gardening is beneficial in various ways. The American Association of Retired People (AARP) states that some of the health perks associated with gardening include improved mood, increased vitamin D levels (which benefits bones and immune system) and reduced risk of dementia. In addition, if gardening efforts include growing herbs, fruits and vegetables, it can be ... Read More »

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