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Thoughts on Covid-19

At the end of the month I normally spend my time researching market stats then summarizing them in my “market minute”. My friends Paul and Val collaborate, film and edit a video for me and I use the same content for my radio spot on 91.7 Coast FM and in this article. For the last ... Read More »

Staging your home for sale

What does staging your home mean? Staging your home for sale is the act of strategically arranging your furniture and decor so your home looks its best while it’s on the market. Staging your home in preparation for sale is all about accentuating your home’s strengths and minimizing its weaknesses. Buyers are picky, so a ... Read More »

An approach to retaining walls

Flat, even landscapes are often coveted in backyards. However, flat backyards are not always so easy to find. Fortunately, varied terrain does not mean that certain landscaping plans are entirely off limits, especially for homeowners willing to build retaining walls. Retaining walls help turn steep slopes in a yard into terraced focal points. They also ... Read More »

Weeds can (and do) get around

The ubiquitous nature of weeds can make them seem like they can grow anywhere, and that’s because they can. Weeds can grow anywhere there’s room for them to sprout, including gardens, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.  One of the things that helps weeds spread so much is how productive they can be at producing seeds. ... Read More »

Cut your grass, but not too low

Spring marks the return of many things. Trees and flowers begin to bloom again in spring, while warmer temperatures are welcomed back with open arms. Grass also begins to grow again in the spring. That means it’s not too long before homeowners have to dust off their lawn mowers and get to work. Those who ... Read More »

Grow your own tomatoes 101

Slicing into the first tomato of the season is a much-anticipated moment for gardeners. Tomatoes are among the most popular fruit or vegetable plants grown in home gardens. Much of that popularity may be credited to the fact that red, ripe tomatoes have a delicious, juicy flavor that serves as the basis for all sorts ... Read More »

Preparing your home for sale

Spring is upon us which also means many of you are thinking of selling your home. If that’s the case, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get busy.  Here are six tips to prepare your home for sale: 1. Declutter your home.  Over the years we tend to collect things we don’t always ... Read More »

Kitchen reno budget tips

Kitchens are popular gathering spots in many homes. That popularity is reflected in various ways, including how many homeowners choose to remodel their kitchens. A 2019 report from the home renovation and design resource Houzz found that kitchens were the most popular room to renovate in 2018. Homeowners considering kitchen remodels should know that the ... Read More »

A beginner’s list of garden tools

The right tool for the job is essential to working safely and efficiently. This is as true in the garden as it is in the workplace. Novice gardeners may not know which tools they really need. The following are eight items that can serve as a solid foundation for beginning gardeners. 1. Gloves Your hands ... Read More »

Mortgage qualifications, February sales and short-term rental regulations

The Canadian government recently announced revised mortgage qualification rules that will come into effect on April 6.   Current rules require would-be buyers to qualify for a mortgage using the Bank of Canada’s average five-year-rate. But starting in early April, qualifying using that Bank of Canada rate goes out the window. According to a department ... Read More »

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