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Play it safe when processing game meat

A few safety precautions in the field will ensure wild meat is as safe – and tasty – as farmed. Proper carcass care in the field is vital to preserving wild game. Big game animals should be field dressed immediately to cool the carcass and then hung by the head to allow the body cavity ... Read More »

Building long term accessibility into your home pays off

Improving basic accessibility makes it possible for the homeowner to remain in their home as they age, makes a home more welcoming, increases market value and ease of re-sale. Until the need to accommodate a disability suddenly arise, most homeowners are unaware of the accessibility barriers their home presents. Benefits of refitting and renovating improves access ... Read More »

Rake away the clutter this fall

Organizing closets, including packing seasonal wardrobe items in a suitcase, is one way to reduce clutter as winter approaches. Clutter has a way of gradually sneaking in and taking over a home, turning one’s residence from a welcoming respite to a claustrophobic place overwhelmed by items of little or no value. ‘Stuff’ tends to drift ... Read More »

Small outlays reap big returns with curb appeal

Adding a fresh layer of mulch to edged flowerbeds deters weed growth and adds definition to plantings, for a tidier and more colourful presentation. First impressions count. A visitor’s first glimpse of a home gives a lasting impression and a hint on how well it has been cared for, inside and out.   Improving curb ... Read More »

Questing for the best north of Sechelt

Discover how the chefs from Halfmoon Bay to Egmont prepare the humble – and not-so-humble – burger, often served up with an excellent view on the side. When a hamburger is done right, you know it – the smoky, char-grilled outside and the juicy inside, all barely contained within a chewy, toasty roll. That’s what ... Read More »

Cocktail of the Week: Negroni

The Negroni is a deceptively simple, elegant 1950s-era Italian pre-dinner cocktail. In that era of glamour and style, Italy – with its deep sense of fashion and design – welcomed the American cocktail tradition and carried it to the next level. The ritual of preparation, the service in uniquely shaped glasses, and the attention to ... Read More »

Zucchini madness strikes in September

They start out small – just one or two plants in a corner of the garden – and finish in a tangle of vines and watermelon-sized gourds. The ubiquitous zucchini gets away from us again. Usually, zucchini are picked when they are six to eight inches long. The mammoth versions (that used to have a ... Read More »

Local Loses 142 Pounds in 11 Months

You can hear her voice and look around but will not recognize her. Our well known local Colleen Husby Procknow has proven that it can be done. “I was suffering from back pain and sore knees and was concerned that I was not going to be able to carry on doing my job if I ... Read More »

Common tansy is an invasive plant

Common tansy is currently distributed widely across the Sunshine Coast that displaces native vegetation. Invasive plants grow rapidly and spread quickly, causing damage to the environment, economy and our health; they are the second greatest threat to biodiversity after habitat loss. This invasive plant is a perennial species that infests stream banks, pastures, and roadsides. ... Read More »

Get your heating systems ready

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to get the home heating system clean and ready for the cooler weather. Chimneys should be cleaned and inspected before setting that first crackling fire. Creosote tends to build up quickly, particularly if the fuel burned is not completely dry to provide a good, hot and efficient ... Read More »

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