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Dog park etiquette

Dog parks can be great places to meet up with other dog owners and let dogs enjoy some off-leash play together.  Sometimes, though, situations can arise which ruin the fun for dogs and owners alike. Following dog park “etiquette” helps avoid unpleasant events. Be sure to pick up after your dog. Many dog parks have ... Read More »

Marketing your home

Since I first started writing this column, I am frequently asked by people with homes listed for sale what they can do to get their home sold. Here is what I do when listing a home which will hopefully be helpful to anyone interested in putting their home on the market. Video and a floorplan ... Read More »

There is no cure, but asthma can be managed

People with asthma often fear the next attack. As a chronic inflammatory condition, asthma causes the airways to narrow and swell and produce extra mucus. This makes breathing very difficult, and also can cause wheezing and coughing fits, advises the Mayo Clinic. Asthma is a common condition, affecting an estimated 26 million people, including six ... Read More »

What stress does to you

Stress affects people of all ages from all walks of life. Though work is a primary source of stress for many people, a recent survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) found that stress is more than just work-related. In its 2017 “Stress in America” survey, the APA found that the future of the nation, ... Read More »

Poetry Month at the library

Poetry. Are you thinking now of Wordsworth, Milton, Petrarchan sonnets and the drone of a fly against a window on a muggy June afternoon in your high school portable classroom? Or maybe you’re thinking about advertising, as in “Kills Bugs Dead,” the slogan for Raid, often attributed to the American poet Lew Welch. Or maybe ... Read More »

Setting an appropriate asking price for your home

April finds us with lots of overpriced listings and fewer buyers than normal for this time of year. The Sunshine Coast is currently in a buyers’ market but, as a group, local home sellers haven’t fully processed this yet. Many still believe that their tax assessment is the minimum market value of their property but ... Read More »

Why DO painters wear white?

The sight of professional painters decked out in white overalls is a familiar one to many people. Perhaps you’ve pondered just why painters wear white? The reasons behind painters’ sartorial choices is not easily verifiable, but it’s fun to explore nonetheless. The actual name for a painting professionals wardrobe is “painter’s whites.” White canvas or ... Read More »

Is your soil compacted? It can harm your lawn and plants

Compacted soil can result from any number of activities, including walking on a lawn. When soil on a lawn is compacted, grass roots might not receive the water, oxygen and nutrients they need to grow in strong. The can lead to weak lawns that are vulnerable to various issues. However, homeowners need not avoid their ... Read More »

SCREDO promotes staff development

“Sunshine Coast Advantage” offers consultations to businesses to help them implement a service and leadership plan that is appropriate for their individual needs. We know that dedication to customer service excellence leads to long-term business success, but did you know that staff development also improves employee retention? Investing in the right service and leadership plan ... Read More »

Strata living

Is there a difference between a condo and a strata? In general, condominium is synonymous with strata. However, in BC, strata is typically used as a catchall term that covers townhouse, apartment style, and bare land complexes. Again, specific to BC, when someone says “condo,” they’re typically talking about ownership in an apartment style dwelling. ... Read More »

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