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How colours can set the mood for your garden

Flower gardens can add colour and awe-inspiring appeal to a property. The (U.S.) National Gardening Association notes that gardeners can find nearly every colour of the spectrum in flowering perennials. So whether you prefer soft pink, are partial to bright red or want to relax in a garden and gaze at something deep blue, chances ... Read More »

Teaching your dog to come when called

Now that we are getting finer weather, most of us will be outside more with our dogs and enjoying the local trails and beaches. Perhaps a young dog needs to learn to come when called or the recall needs fine tuning before they can be trusted off-leash. Here are some tips to help teach a ... Read More »

Wireless service on the Sunshine Coast

Starting May 4, British Columbians will be getting a new area code, bringing the provincial total to five. Get ready to start seeing phone numbers that start with 672. Back in 2001, 10-digit dialing was introduced to Metro Vancouver and then, seven years later, in 2008, the rest of the province followed suit. That meant ... Read More »

The latest in decks for the home

Custom-built decks can expand usable outdoor entertaining spaces. Decks can surround pools and create outdoor patio areas that make it easy to establish multi-tiered living spaces, improving the functionality of outdoor areas. Certain deck trends have emerged as industry experts’ top picks for the upcoming remodeling and renovation season. For those thinking of revamping an ... Read More »

How to keep deer off your garden

With more than 60 different species of deer worldwide, there’s a good chance individuals will have some sort of interaction with these majestic animals at one point during their lifetimes. Deer, which live on all continents except Antarctica, can survive in everything from mountainous areas to wet rainforests to suburban neighborhoods. These herbivores are voracious ... Read More »

Youth programs at the Gibsons Public Library

Last week, thousands of young people in more than 100 countries participated in a demonstration for action on climate change. What prompted this massive school strike (besides climate change and the human response to it so far) were the words and actions of one 16-year-old girl named Greta Thunberg, recently nominated for a Nobel Peace ... Read More »

New Gibsons Chamber board

The new board of directors of the Gibsons Chamber of Commerce pose following the chamber’s annual general meeting March 13. From the left: Fran Miller, Deb Mowbray, Paul Legge, Milynda Taylor, President Ted McNicol, Doug Marteinson, Stephine Boyd and Vineet Miglani. Susan Attiana photo Read More »

The appeal of investing in the Sunshine Coast

We are seeing an increase in activity as we move into spring and more investors looking on the Coast. Vancouver has long been a favourite city for real estate investors, but prices and taxes are forcing buyers to consider other markets. But before buying in Squamish or Kelowna, they are now considering BC’s Sunshine Coast. ... Read More »

House painting: should you hire a pro?

Few things can revitalize a home more readily than a fresh coat of paint. Thanks in part to the affordability of paint and its ease of application, painting is something that even novice DIYers can typically handle. According to the marketing advice guru Brandon Gaille, it is estimated that residential interior paint only lasts around ... Read More »

When your lawn soil is compacted, you can wear spiked aeration shoes

Compacted soil can have a dramatic effect on grass. Compacted soil blocks oxygen, water and nutrients from reaching the root systems of the turf. That creates a lawn with weak roots, which make grass more vulnerable to disease and compromising its ability to withstand harsh weather, such as summer heat. The buildup of thatch, which ... Read More »

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