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Mosquitos are coming

When tending to their lawns, homeowners are advised to pay attention to areas that may feature standing water. According to the World Health Organization, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can breed in great numbers in pools of water. Mosquitoes are known to carry diseases like malaria, West Nile virus and Zika. ... Read More »

What to consider with a greenhouse

Avid gardeners may be enticed by the idea of a greenhouse that allows them to explore their passion for plants year-round. While it’s true that greenhouses afford this luxury, there are important things to consider before erecting a greenhouse in your yard. Greenhouses require ample time to maintain. Greenhouses are not self-managing; they require heat, ... Read More »

Getting the jump on crabgrass

Homeowners who enjoy tending to their lawns know that grass is vulnerable to a host of problems, many of which appear at a time of year when lawn enthusiasts want to showcase the fruits of their lawn-and-garden labors. Crabgrass is a common problem that appears in summer. According to Lowes, crabgrass plants produce thousands of ... Read More »

The Swiss model

The Feb. 14 Holistic View column said that one of the best ways to combat the swine flu is by having a strong immune system and that homeopathy can strengthen the immune system. This should not be taken to mean that homeopathy is an alternative to the flu shot; medical authorities say it is important ... Read More »

Are you getting enough sleep?

Many adults lament that even if they were solid sleepers in their younger years, by the age of 50, their quality of sleep has unravelled. Some cling to the wisdom that people simply do not need as much sleep as they get older. Even though that is partly true, sufficient sleep is still a vital ... Read More »

Sechelt business operators told to focus on first impressions

Sechelt business operators were advised Feb. 28 to aim high when focusing on the future of downtown Sechelt and their businesses. The advice came from Ted Topping of Creative Insights Incorporated, who addressed the 23rd annual general meeting of the Sechelt Downtown Business Association at the Trail Bay mall. “Price is only a consideration in ... Read More »

The advantages of downsizing

The collective consciousness of home sellers isn’t fully up to speed on the current reality of the Sunshine Coast real estate market. Our market has slowed considerably over the last year and what your home would have sold for 18 months ago isn’t what it’ll sell for today. Sellers can expect to see lots of ... Read More »

Short term rental review

The SCRD hosted a public meeting about short term accommodation rentals at the Pender Harbour School of Music on Feb. 27.  Area Director Leonard Lee attended to hear the discussions.  The fifteen people at the meeting included residents, bed and breakfast (B&B) operators, managers of properties in the short-term rental (STR) market and members of ... Read More »

Spring means it’s renovation time

Spring is the busiest time for the home improvement industry as homeowners typically begin planning home renovation projects this time of year. If you’re planning to reno in 2019, check out our a list of five of the top trends for transforming your home. Kitchen and bathroom   If you’re looking to make a big ... Read More »

Keeping your dog safe outdoors this spring

The forecast is for warmer weather here next month and many of us and our dogs will be very ready to spend more time outdoors in our gardens or exploring the parks and trails this spring. Being aware of – and avoiding – potential hazards to dogs ensures our outdoor activities are enjoyable. At home, ... Read More »

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