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Dogs can be taught impulse control

Teaching a dog impulse control or delay of gratification is one of the best ways to help a dog become calm and self- controlled. Impulsive individuals are usually characterized by their rapid response to stimulation, accelerated action and a difficulty in the ability to inhibit responses. Individual variation in the ability to control impulses is ... Read More »

Eclipse over the Coast August 21

Planet Mercury is not observable in August. Venus is very low in the E but will be difficult to observe by month’s end. Mars is very low in the W in the evening twilight but will be difficult to see. Jupiter can be seen in the SE after dark and transits near 11pm. Sets in ... Read More »

Time to get into your summer reading

Summer has finally reached the Coast and many of us are setting the pause button on busy schedules and gearing up to slow down and enjoy some long awaited summer-time activities. Whether this means a road trip, time at the beach, on a boat, preparing for visitors or just finding that perfect spot in the ... Read More »

Snap a photo for chance to win a $50 gift card

A picture-perfect array of fruits and vegetables sent to us by the Sechelt Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market. The BC Association of Farmers’ Markets is running a contest: you can win a $50 gift card in a draw each Friday by following BC Farmers’ Markets on Facebook or Instagram and posting a market photo with the ... Read More »

A gorgeously sunny Canada Day Parade

The Coastal Cowgirls and their horses carry Canadian flags through downtown Sechelt in the Canada Day parade. It was one of the largest parades in memory, with hundreds of individuals and more than 50 floats and groups. It took about 70 minutes to pass a given point. It being Canada Day, the Coastal Cowgirls, a ... Read More »

Wish-list cheque present by Auxiliary

A big cheque with a really big number. Each year, the Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary responds to the “wish list” presented by Vancouver Coastal Health to support healthcare in our community. This year the request for a total of $273,000 will fund equipment for acute care at Sechelt Hospital, mental health and addictions, home care, ... Read More »

Walk into history

Would you like to wander back in time, to before the streets of Gibsons Landing were paved, to before car ferries, to a time when the herring ran so thick that your boat could float on them? Participants will join local historian Dale Peterson as he leads “Historical Walking Tours of Gibsons Landing” thoughout the ... Read More »

A festival of garlics

Did you know that there are many types or cultivars of garlic grown that you likely won’t  find in a grocery store? The main reason you don’t see most types is because the type of garlic you find in the grocery store is a “softneck” garlic which is mechanically planted and harvested.  That attribute, plus ... Read More »

Recognizing stress in dogs

Learning to recognize indicators of stress in dogs helps us help stressed dogs. Like us, dogs can feel stressed by a variety of things and this can cause physiological changes as well as changes in behaviour. Research reveals three categories of abnormal behaviours in dogs that can be caused by stress: (1) displacement activities such ... Read More »

Stargazing for July

Mercury can be seen very low in the WNW in the evening twilight in July but will be lost by mid-month. Venus will be very low in the E in the morning twilight. Mars is not observable in July. Jupiter will be seen low in the SW in the evening twilight and sets in the ... Read More »

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