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Multiple offers commonplace

The madness continues on the Sunshine Coast. Multiple offers are now commonplace, and pretty much any detached home in Gibsons under $500,000 likely won’t last one day without an offer. Not having to catch the ferry has opened our market up to young families that are attracted to the opportunity to own a detached home ... Read More »

Lightning Strikes

This striking photo was captured looking south over Davis Bay as an estimated 2,000 lightning strikes flashed across the Sunshine Coast, southern Vancouver Island, and parts of the Lower Mainland on Sunday into the early hours of Monday morning. According to Environment Canada, the country averages over two million lightning strikes annually. Despite our relatively ... Read More »

What is herd immunity?

Infectious diseases can strike at any time. Some of them cause relatively minor interruptions to daily life and often can resolve of their own accord when the body’s immune system mounts a successful defence. Other diseases can cause serious, even life-threatening symptoms or spread rapidly, making it essential for medical professionals to help slow down ... Read More »

Books and Beyond

Hi there, I’m Sam, the new community outreach coordinator at the Gibsons and District Public Library, and you need to know something about me – libraries are by far my favourite place to be. Where else in our world do we have an institution devoted to sharing? Libraries are all about sharing books, but also ... Read More »

Realtors follow strict COVID-19 protocol

Realtors now need to follow a strict COVID-19 protocol when showing houses to clients. We must have our buyers and sellers sign waivers. Buyers can no longer ride in our cars. There are no more open houses. Masks and gloves need to be worn, and surfaces wiped down after showings are complete. After doing some ... Read More »

Pets struggling with separation anxiety

As dog owners transition to going back to work, some dogs are struggling with staying home alone and owners are reporting that their dogs are displaying symptoms of separation anxiety such as vocalizing, being destructive, soiling in the house, trying to escape the home or confinement (crate) for example. It is understandable as many dogs ... Read More »

Why weeds will always be with us

The ubiquitous nature of weeds can make them seem like they can grow anywhere, and that’s because they can. Weeds can grow anywhere there’s room for them to sprout, including gardens, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. One of the things that helps weeds spread so much is how productive they can be at producing seeds. ... Read More »

SCRD gets COVID-19 briefing

Dr. Mark Lysyshyn, Medical Health Officer with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) stated that less than one per cent of the confirmed COVID-19 virus cases reported in the region are located on the Sunshine Coast. That percentage covers cases in the lower Coast and Powell River areas. He shared this information as a delegation at the ... Read More »

Face shields for the frontline

Here is the most recent prototype of a face shield I worked up, using duct tape and “florist’s cellophane”. It is now in community use, and my wife and I are trying to crank these out as we hear from frontline workers who urgently need facial protection. So far, we’ve supplied Howe Sound Pharmacy, several ... Read More »

Containers: gardening close at hand

Gardening is beneficial in various ways. The American Association of Retired People (AARP) states that some of the health perks associated with gardening include improved mood, increased vitamin D levels (which benefits bones and immune system) and reduced risk of dementia. In addition, if gardening efforts include growing herbs, fruits and vegetables, it can be ... Read More »

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