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Gibsons Garden Club holds pruning presentation

The Gibsons Garden Club will present master gardener and certified arborist Cass Turnbull on the subject of pruning Wed., Feb. 17 at 7:30pm  at the Heritage Playhouse in Gibsons. The title of Ms. Turnbull’s presentation is: “It’s a Jungle Out There: How to Prune and Renovate the Overgrown Garden”. Tickets for the fundraiser are $15 ... Read More »

Child ear inflammations could be treated homeopathically

Otitis media, inflammation of the middle ear, can occur in children with weakened immune systems.  It can flare up as an acute complication of the flu, tonsillitis, whooping cough, sinusitis or even a cold. However, some children can have middle ear inflammation without any other condition.   If a child gets repeated earaches and ear ... Read More »

Mulch thoughtfully: the herring need our help

The Sunshine Coast Friends of Forage Fish volunteer group would like to remind the public – especially all those gardeners – that herring spawn season will soon be upon us. As a practice, mulching is great, but when one chooses seaweed as mulch, a series of thoughtful decisions should be made beforehand. First of all, ... Read More »

Slow cooker caramelized onions

One of my tips to creating good vegan menus is to have some of the food prepared ahead of time. So each week I try to a few things in advance:  I cook a big pot of brown rice; I make a batch of steel cut cinnamon oats; I roast a few potatoes; steam a ... Read More »

Echocardiograms can now be done on Coast

Sechelt Hospital staff and members of the Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary pose with a new echocardiogram ultrasound machine purchased by the auxiliary for about $100,000. This allows patients to get the heart test in Sechelt, instead of travelling to North Vancouver. From left, Gerry Nimmo (auxiliary secretary), Gayle Bennett (past president), Kasia Krolikowska (hospital imaging), ... Read More »

New artisans’ paint collection

Christine Turner, owner of Embellish Emporium in the Gibsons Park Plaza mall, was eager to announce Jan. 27 the release of six new colours in the “Amanda Forrest Collection” of Fat Paint, a chalk-style paint for artisans. The event, with prizes and refreshments, was held at a temporary pop-up Embellish, which is in the Gibsons ... Read More »

Snuffle mats great for cats and dogs

Snuffle mats are a great indoor activity for dogs (and cats). Using a snuffle mat engages your dog’s nose and mind by having them search for food. It’s a great indoor activity for rainy days and the mat can be made more difficult as the dog gets more skilled. Here’s one way you can create ... Read More »

Keeping chickens 101

Keeping chicken and other poultry is becoming more popular. It is fun to have a few, or many, chickens for eggs and entertainment in your backyard and they are as easy to care for as a cat, once you know how to look after them. If you have always wanted to try poultry keeping or ... Read More »

Family Literacy Day a week-long celebration

On Jan. 27 Canada celebrates Family Literacy Day. On the Coast a number of fun events are taking place that entire week highlighting the value of reading and learning together as a family. To launch the celebrations, the Gibsons and Sechelt Libraries are hosting Pop Up Libraries at the Sunnycrest and Trail Bay malls on ... Read More »

Lighthouse on Merry Island has a lasting legacy

There is a romance that lingers around lighthouses, these sentinels protecting sailors and their craft against ocean storms. Lighthouses draw on something almost archetypical within us as we imagine the challenges of living alone in often isolated situations, especially in the early 1900’s when keepers kept watch for 24 hours, worked without running water or ... Read More »

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