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Wedding Fair will have it all

The team at Coastal Weddings and Events together with a team of Sunshine Coast businesses including Rent it Canada, The Rainbow Room, In Tents Rentals and over 20 other exhibitors are coming together for a bridal fair and fashion show on Saturday January 17th, from 11am – 4pm at the Sechelt Band Hall behind McDonalds (fashion ... Read More »

What you need to know to plan a wedding menu

One of the main issues, and a major expense, in planning a wedding is feeding the guests. When it comes to choosing a caterer or planning a menu, Lina Jakobs from the Bonniebrook Lodge lists a number of factors you will need to keep in mind when approaching a venue for information. First, have a ... Read More »

Food options for your wedding guests

Once a couple has officially tied the knot, the newly recognized man and wife and all of their guests will retire to a party room where they can mingle, dance and enjoy a good meal. In the past, standard fare like prime rib and roasted chicken dominated wedding menus. But today’s weddings cater to people ... Read More »

Horoscope: January 16-22

Tip of the Week: The fourth and last of the series of 0-degree New Moons in a row occurs on January 20th at 5:14 am PST at 0 Aquarius 09. The first of the four occurred on October 23rd coinciding with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. All other factors aside, this sequence of energy where ... Read More »

Best New Year’s resolution? To pay down debt

Many people tell Credit Counselling Canada that they would love to pay down their debt or get rid of it altogether, but they aren’t quite sure of the best way to do it or where to start. There really isn’t any one “best way” that works perfectly for everyone. So here are a dozen suggestions ... Read More »

10 ways to stay active this winter

The dark and cold winter months can take their toll on our motivation to stay active. It is tempting to stay inside and curl up, but there are plenty of things we can do indoors and out to get the recommended amount of daily activity and keep feeling our best. Here are 10 ways to ... Read More »

Health and fitness initiative

Welcome to 2015! As you and I set resolutions for the coming year, I’d be interested in hearing how you come up with your goals. As your MP, I’m entering this year with a strong sense of optimism for our nation and our community. My goals for 2015 won’t sound surprising to you as they’re ... Read More »

Floridita Daiquirí No. 4

Hats off to Stephen Poplawski of Racine, Wisconsin, who on January 14, 1924 received US Patent #1,480,914 for improved design of an electric drinks mixer that would eventually become known as the Waring Blender. Where would the Floridita Daiquirí No. 4 have been without one? Mix ingredients in a blender with cracked ice. Pour into ... Read More »

Hit & Run Traybaked Chicken

Ingredients 4 large ripe tomatoes 2 red onions 1 red pepper 1 yellow pepper 6 skinless, boneless free-range chicken thighs 4 cloves of garlic 1/2 bunch of fresh thyme 1 teaspoon smoked paprika 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar Method Everyone needs a hit ‘n’ run recipe like this – it’s the kind ... Read More »

How “superfoods” can help this winter

Illnesses seem to peak during the winter months. A tapped-out immune system as well as dry, cold air may encourage the spread of common viruses and bacterial infections more easily. As a result, it’s important that men, women and children take every step possible to ward off sickness when the temperatures drop. Dietary changes can ... Read More »

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