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Southern skies intriguing for Northern visitor

The Southern Cross glows adjacent to the Coalsack Nebula – a wonderful sight for a northern visitor.  photo Gary Seronik Living in the far North as we do, it is easy to forget that there is another view of the universe: the Southern sky, just as intriguing, and, from an astronomical point of view, just ... Read More »

Undergrads discover supernova ‘by fluke’

Exciting astronomy news! Undergrads at a London University recently discovered a supernova by a fluke during a ten minute telescope workshop. The supernova was found in Messier 82, a cigar shaped galaxy located between the Big and Little Dipper and is one of the nearest and brightest stellar explosions for almost three decades! January 24 ... Read More »

Jupiter dazzles with best show of year

This is the time of year when some ask “What was the Star of Bethlehem”? Was there a recorded astronomical event that could explain it? i.e., a super nova, a comet, the planet Venus in opposition, a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, or a conjunction of Jupiter (the King of planets) and the star ... Read More »

Night Skies in December

If comet ISON survives its close encounter with the sun November 28 it will be visible in the sky at dusk in December. The Geminid meteor shower peaks December 13-14, 2013, mid-evening until dawn. The Geminids are one of the finest meteor showers, rivalling the Perseid shower in August. The Geminids originate near the bright ... Read More »

A busy month for November’s night sky

The comet ISON is heading in for a close encounter with the Sun on November 28, when it will pass 1.1 million kilometres from the solar surface (less than one solar diameter). The sun’s intense heat will vaporize some of the comet’s ices, which may transform it into a brilliant object in early December. However, ... Read More »

Explore science of real alien worlds

UBC professor and astrophysicist Dr. Jaymie Matthews returns to Sechelt at 8 p.m. Friday, September 13 at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, to dazzle with the latest discoveries in his presentation: “The Science of Real Alien Worlds: Exploring planets far far away, without hyperdrive”. Matthews will explore the possibility of life outside our own solar ... Read More »

Astronomical events in August

The Sunshine Coast Astronomy Club is involved in a number events August 15 – 17. On Thursday, August 15, solar telescopes will be set up at the Sechelt Night Market for observing the Sun in the early evening. The next night, Friday, members welcome anyone with an interest in astronomy to join them for coffee ... Read More »

The night sky in July

Since Mars and Jupiter are just returning to our skies from their respective vacations behind the Sun they are only viewable in the predawn sky On July 3, the planet Venus appeared low in the west at evening twilight against the backdrop of the Beehive open star cluster, in the constellation Cancer. On July 6 ... Read More »

Dance of the planets heralds summer line-ups

Since June marks the start of our summer, let the line-ups begin… The sixth month by its very name has a planetary association. The Romans of antiquity, subscribing to Greek mythology, named their supreme god Jupiter, with the queen of the gods called Juno – from whence comes the month’s name. In the interest of ... Read More »

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