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Weekly Horoscope

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19) Spring is here and the rising feeling it is bringing is activating you both inside and out. With Mercury entering Aries, you will feel like you are coming out of a dream that held on well past the alarm. By early next week, you will feel the ignition and this burst ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope March 25

Tip of the Week: A close and rare triple conjunction between Sun, Venus and Chiron at 8-9 degrees of Aries occurs on March 28. Meanwhile, Mercury is closely conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Pluto in Capricorn occupies the powerful position of planet of highest degree. Unaspected planets can be understood as ‘unintegrated’ and, thereby, lose some of ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Tip of the Week: Spring Equinox has officially arrived. Of course, this arrival is due to the travels of our own planet in its eternal orbit around the Sun. Right on time as ever, we arrive at that place when the hours of day and night are equal. What makes this entire event and process ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope March 11-18

Tip of the Week:   We have entered the final stretch towards the official start of spring. The timing for the seasonal turn is virtually timeless and stone structures and sacred monuments designed to determine the exact moment of Spring Equinox reaches back to the very dawn of civilization. This cycle of light reveals the intimate ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Tip of the Week: Pisces time lingers on as week three begins. Spring is in sight and will seem to arrive sooner than other years. This will manifest as a surprising boost of energy when Mars enters Gemini (March 4 – April 23) where it tends to manifest as increased mental stimulation and alertness. Mercury ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Tip of the Week: The powerful Aquarius New Moon seed of February 11 comes to full on February 27 bringing its destined activations to full light and life. The first of three aspects between Saturn and Uranus that occurred on February 17 also invariably continues to reverberate with the synchronicities it was destined to produce. Due ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19) The cycle of the Sun through Pisces will soften your edge for a while. This is a good time to retreat and rest if you can. Yet, with 4 planets till in Aquarius, like a powerful current, the momentum of the revolutionary impulse will continue. Mercury turning direct on February 20 ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Tip of the Week:   This powerful New Moon in Aquarius hosts a rare six planet alignment. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn form this Aquarius stellium. The last time this occurred was in February 2009 which hosted 6 planets + the North Node in Aquarius and the time prior to that was 1962 which ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Tip of the Week:   The Moon now in its last quarter, its waning phase, approaches the next celestial brick in the wall, constructed by eons of lunation cycles. The last one in Capricorn and the next in Aquarius, this one harbors six planets in the sign of the Water Bearer; sometimes mistaken for a Water ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope January 28, 2021

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19) Your sights remain fixed on the future. A steadily growing ambition to direct your focus and energy to align with the steady and powerful waves of change coming in is likely and ideal. As if suddenly, you want to know what is your best strategy and what information and tools you ... Read More »

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