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Federal COVID-19 funding for SD46

The federal government provided an influx of $578,000 into School District #46s budget on Sept. 3. A second round of federal money to help offset increased education costs related to COVID-19 is to be distributed to school districts later this year. Superintendent Patrick Bocking said that SD46 plans to work with its partners, including employee ... Read More »

How parents can pitch in to prevent bullying

Parents go to great lengths to protect their children. Keeping a watchful eye is a great way to protect kids when they’re around the house, but parents may need to look for more subtle signs to determine if their children are being mistreated when they leave home. According to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, ... Read More »

Driver awareness for back to school safety

While 2020 has brought new safety protocols and regulations across the spectrum of day-to-day life, not every safety issue is a new discussion. As a new academic year approaches, the Canada Safety Council wants to remind you that school buses will be returning to the roads. Exercising caution and being attentive is always of paramount ... Read More »

What ‘back to school’ means for grandparents

While a lot of focus is rightly being placed on the safety of students, less discussed are the very real implications on the rest of the family “bubble” (core group of people who maintain physical distance from others and can safely be close to each other during the pandemic). Grandparents, who often serve as the ... Read More »

Recommended tech for students

Shopping for school supplies once entailed stocking up on pens, pads and notebooks. Students today still buy many of the same items, though they also now stock up on electronics. Technology and education now go hand-in-hand. For students to find success both in and out of the classroom, the right tech can make all the ... Read More »

Cyber safety is important for every grade

People rely on the internet every day. In recent months, reliance on digital technology was pushed even further as social distancing measures had the world going online for school and work and to maintain relationships with friends and family. A 2018 report from Pew Research Center indicated that nearly 25 percent of young adults in ... Read More »

Back to school

As back to school draws nearer, I am hearing from parents, friends, those involved in SD46, and so many others in the community about their fears and anxieties around the back to school plan. One of the main symptoms of this crisis is, in fact, fear. Fear is not something the school district can take ... Read More »

Education Matters

I would like to begin this article by once again thanking those in our district who have gone above and beyond in keeping our education system moving through the last few months. I would like to say that the battle is over, and that our district and the world are sitting back and enjoying their ... Read More »

Education Matters

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’.” – Fred Rogers We have seen first-hand how our district’s values have been at play during these difficult times. Collaboration and equity being ... Read More »

School year in limbo

School District #46 Superintendent Patrick Bocking has a message for parents awaiting decisions on the remainder of the school year. His statements followed the Province’s March 17 announcement of the suspension of classroom instruction in efforts to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In an email to The Local on March 19 Bocking wrote “Until plans ... Read More »

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