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New staffer joins Les Petits

Les Petits du Pacifique childcare centre in Sechelt has welcomed a new staff member – artist and early childhood educator Philippe Sokazo. Before moving to the Sunshine Coast earlier this year, Philippe was an educator and administrative principal assistant at the childcare centre of the André-Piolat French School in North Vancouver. “We are thrilled to ... Read More »

Local schools do have an emergency plan

After a record summer of BC Interior fires forcing evacuations across the province and winter storms descending on the west coast, emergency preparedness remains on the minds of local residents. While we worry about earthquakes, we do have minor disasters affecting our area each year – winter storms creating power outages and unsafe driving conditions, ... Read More »

New math curriculum implemented for K-9

BC’s New Curriculum is in full-implementation for grades K-9. We are still learning, so expect some changes over time in your school. This is the pilot year for grades 10-12. Full implementation for grades 10-12 begins September 2018. This article will highlight “Math in BC” in light of BC’s New Curriculum. As mentioned, math K-9 ... Read More »

School programs and their environmental impact

About a decade ago, School District No. 46 adopted an Environmental Sustainability policy that states, in part, “The Board of School Trustees of School District No. 46 expects consideration of ‘environmental impact’ in the planning of all operational and educational programs.”  Over the years, we have worked hard to see this through. Here are some ... Read More »

Reflecting back on the school year

As our school year closes we reflect upon the events of the past few months. It has been an interesting time for public education in British Columbia. A Supreme Court ruling regarding the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation and the Province, uncertainty in provincial government after the May 9th election coupled with ever-changing funding allocations, all ... Read More »

Ocean-floor explorer developed by Pender students

Pender Harbour Secondary student Jayden Simpson displays the remote operated vehicle (ROV) his class built during Science Odyssey week. The Ruby Lake Lagoon and Nature Reserve Society has received a $91,400 federal grant to support the Science Odyssey week, and other science education activities, over the next three years. There are plans for Pender Harbour ... Read More »

Schools move toward solar

School District No. 46 (SD46) students and staff are excited to move towards the use of solar power at several sites. Students at Pender Harbour Secondary have been focusing during Exploration Learning Blocks on how to move to solar energy. This project ties into their learning and creates real hands-on projects that students can be ... Read More »

Our student trustee: ‘I have had a wonderful time’

Student trustee. Two seven letter words on the surface but when viewed further, has much more depth that what meets the eye.  The definition being: “Student trustees serve an important role for a school board.  They represent the voice of students in decisions about education in each district and they help keep students informed about ... Read More »

Our schools go way beyond minimum phys-ed requirements

Physical education is an integral part of the provincial curriculum. The Ministry of Education’s website states, “…curriculum for kindergarten recommends approximately 45 to 50 hours of instructional time to allow flexibility to address local needs. For each of Grades 1 to 7, this estimate is approximately 90 to 100 hours per year.” In School District ... Read More »

Trustees mull fix for school boundary error

At a sparsely attended open house held at Chatelech Secondary School on March 29, School District 46 representatives explained their proposed options for a revision of the Trustee Electoral Areas (TEAs). In 2016, an error in the province’s official electoral boundaries was discovered, which entirely omitted the Sechelt Indian Government District (SIGD). In theory, the ... Read More »

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