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Recruiting community watch volunteers

Looking to help the Coast become a safer place in 2021? If so, the Sechelt Business Watch program is recruiting volunteers. These individuals monitor commercial and residential areas from their vehicles during evening hours. They report on any suspicious or criminal activity that they observe for RCMP follow up. They also make a note of ... Read More »

to engage in relationships – is extremely important

Can you think of an experience in your life that you found so emotionally painful and unpleasant – leaving you so self-conscious with negative judgement – that the experience changed how you think of yourself? Almost all of us can. Ordinarily, we rely upon – and take for granted – a few fundamental assumptions about ... Read More »

Time to Reflect

“The Board of School District 46 affirms its commitment to Indigenous Peoples and Reconciliation by building relationships and deepening understanding of Indigenous history, worldviews, and ways of knowing.” These words are the affirmation that our district has committed to in our current strategic plan. As the year draws to a close, we take some time ... Read More »

Fall Ecocomic Statement

This month, I would like to highlight our Government’s 2020 Fall Economic Statement, detailing our strong fiscal position, our plans to protect and support Canadian workers, families, and businesses during the pandemic and lay the roadwork for our post-pandemic economic recovery. Among many other things, this plan commits to: Continuing the Fight Against COVID-19 • ... Read More »

Questioning SCRD representation

Sechelt Councillor Matt McLean was unsuccessful in his call to review how regional board directors from the municipality are selected. At a council meeting on Dec. 3, McLean introduced a motion that asked for a staff report on the feasibility of including a “double direct election” survey on the 2022 municipal election ballot. A double ... Read More »

Crossword puzzles

(Re: “The benefits of crossword puzzles,” the Local, Nov. 26) The article in last week’s issue “The benefits of crossword puzzles,” was interesting and, for proof of these benefits, my personal experience indicates they are all “positive.” I have been completing a crossword, every day, at breakfast, for approximately 30 years (nearly 11,000) and they ... Read More »

The benefits of crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Crosswords are square grids made up of white- and black-shaded squares. The goal is to fill in all of the letters to form words and phrases that work both vertically and horizontally. The grid varies based on the country of origin. Certain grids ... Read More »

No injuries in Marijuana grow operation fire

The Sechelt Fire Department attended a building fire in the 5500 block of Sinku Drive on Monday. It was determined that the structure was being used as a Marijuana grow operation, so firefighting tactics were defensive at first until power could be shut off. Once off, fire crews entered the structure and fully extinguished and ... Read More »

Youth Works

Gabrielle and Joannie are two youth volunteers from Montreal, xeriscaping the front garden of Roberts Creek Community Hall. The Roberts Creek Community Association is happy to be hosting the two young women, who will be spending six weeks helping around the community hall as part of a project organized by the Montreal-based non-profit organization, Chantiers ... Read More »

Weekly Cartoon

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