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Caterers on the Coast

Caterers on the Coast

Hosting and cooking for an event comes with many challenges. Timing? How much food to serve? Allergy considerations? Are my guests going to like the food? How do I be a good host while cooking? It can all become quite overwhelming. Fear not, it looks like the caterers on the Coast are here to take away the stress and make your event deliciously simple.

Being a caterer is not just about the food, it’s about creating an experience that involves all the senses. I interviewed the following caterers to find out how we can make our catered events a success.

There are many details that go into making a great event. We all know that good food is at the top of that list. Caterers ask for as much information as possible to make sure that your event is special to you. Read over the contract details carefully, so you are fully in the know about the cancellation policy, payment structure and individual caterer requirements. In the kitchen we have a saying, “you’re only as good as your last meal”. Cooks take this to heart and always want to make the best meal each and every time. After meeting with these three caterers, I believe that having your event catered on the Sunshine Coast will be a delicious, and stress-free solution.

Emelle’s Catering

Originating in Vancouver, Emelle’s chef Mary Lee and her team of professional chefs, servers and event coordinators incorporate the bounty of the West Coast in their catering options.  Emelle’s experienced catering team has had many years cooking and catering from intimate gatherings to large formal events. Emelle’s Catering has done it all.

Do caterers allow for pick-up of a home cooked meal for a intimate gathering?

EC – Sometimes clients may not need a fully catered event but want all the foods cooked and supplied so they can host an intimate event at home. Ask your caterer if they provide this service. Some caterers will allow you to pick up previously cooked, packaged food which is a great option for 10 to 30 people.

What other details will help your caterer?

EC – Know your guest list. Catering for a soccer team has a different spin on the foods and how it’s served than a group of retired, young ladies.

What is your speciality?

EC – Definitely fresh, local, and delicious West Coast cuisine. We enjoy creating dishes that incorporate fresh salmon and other seasonal foods.

You can best reach this catering team through their website or email

Farm to Feast

Anne takes simple and rustic foods and applies her love of local and sustainable ingredients to create “world class finger foods” to delight her clients. When you give Anne the freedom to create she gives you delicious food that will surpass your wishes and impress your guests. Anne takes her relationship with food seriously. As an example, she has begun to mill her own grains, adding even more attention to the details of her food production.

What are some criteria clients should use to pick a caterer?

FF – How food is handled, sourced and how the food is cooked should be a major consideration for choosing a caterer. I’m not a fan of how food behaves when it is placed in chaffing dishes so I doesn’t use them. Instead, I serve my food on wooden boards that I had made to match my natural style.

How far in advance should you book?

FF – The larger the party or the more specific your date the farther out you should book a caterer. Sometimes we can accommodate an event on short notice.

What is your specialty?

FF – Rustic simplicity with attention to the unique qualities of each specific food is how I  describe my cooking style. The wood-oven fired pizzas are a big hit. You don’t have to have an event catered to enjoy them; just head down to the food truck and order one.

You can best reach Anne through phone 604-740-2363, Facebook, Persephone website, or her instagram @farmtofeastca

Caspier’s Catering

This husband (Martin) and wife (Melodie) duo believes in taking simple foods, adding their personal touch of culinary fusion and her First Nations spirit, making for unique and flavourful dishes. They have grown their catering company from a small service that provided meals-to-go to a full-fledged caterer with an ever expanding list of events of all sizes and styles under their apron. They do a lot of research into making your event as special and unique as you are. Their motto is, “where we cater to your needs”.

Why should people hire a caterer for their events?

CC – The biggest reason to hire a caterer is to alleviate the stress from the individuals that are hosting the event. A catered event will run smoother and the host(s) can participate and interact with the guests instead of being tied to the kitchen for the duration of the function.

What details do you want the client to know regarding menus?

CC -Caspier Catering does not have a set menu, instead we gather information that allows us to create a menu that will meet your needs. Details such as the number of people, dietary needs / restrictions / allergies, what kinds of foods people like and don’t like, the style of the function, how will the food be presented  (banquet, plated), will the event require servers? And budget? We (caterers) do not look at the budget as a restriction, we see it as a way to use our creativity to help you get the best you can afford.

What is your specialty?

CC – We love to cook seafood. Especially salmon. And thinking of new ways to create delicious meals taking cues from the bounty of each season.

You can best reach Caspier Catering through phone 604-885-1483, email, Facebook, or instagram @caspiercatering



– Natalie Findlay


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