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Celebrating Christmas in a pandemic

Celebrating Christmas in a pandemic

Like everything else in 2020, the holidays are going to look different this year. Health Canada has recommended against travelling or gathering indoors to celebrate, which means many of us will be obligated to simplify our celebrations.
It can feel disappointing not being able to celebrate with all the usual trappings of the season. But don’t let that spoil your Christmas spirit. Focus on what you can do.
The whole family might not be able to gather at grandma’s house this year for turkey and stuffing, but a gathering with your household might be an opportunity to connect more deeply and make some wonderful new memories.
Embrace the differences and focus on what really matters – the health of our friends and family, and the love we share.
Here are four ways you can celebrate what’s most important this year:
1. Less is more
Make a list of all the ways you like to celebrate. Decide what you can skip this year and what you can adjust. You might find that getting creative with your plans gets the festive spirit flowing.
2. Give of yourselves
Connect with a local retirement home or food bank to see how you can safely help. If there’s snow, a neighbour’s walkway, shovelled in surprise, can make a wonderful gift. Tie a note to the shovel wishing them a Merry Christmas.
3. Share an old tradition
What did you love doing as a child? Cut out snowflakes together and decorate the front window. What about watching all the old TV specials, like the original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas?”
4. Start a new tradition
Perhaps it’s a walk to the beach on Christmas Eve, then toasting marshmallows over the barbecue. Or have a family slumber party under the tree. Brainstorm with your kids. News Canada

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