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Celebrating Drinking Water Week

Celebrating Drinking Water Week

The Town of Gibsons provides pure untreated water from the Gibsons aquifer to approximately three-quarters of its population. The remaining, supplied by the Regional District via long term agreement, is treated and is sourced from the Chapman watershed.

We’re proud of our water system and aquifer and feel highly motivated to protect it and have designed our policies and infrastructure with a strong conservation goal in mind. A fact we are very proud of is that since 2008, there has been a 42 per cent reduction in water consumption in Gibsons, due in large part to the role that the users of the system have played. Water metering, fair pricing, leak detection and repairs and education have been instrumental in helping us achieve that reduction.

Since the release of the aquifer mapping project report in May of last year, we have implemented several key recommendations such as an on-going monitoring program and the creation of a Development Permit Area for aquifer protection, expected to be considered by Council this summer. As well, as part of our continued commitment to increase access to safe drinking water, a second water fill station is being planned for the Gibsons Public Market.

In partnership with Deer Crossing the Art Farm and School District No. 46, elementary school students are learning through art about the role that nature plays in delivering reliable municipal services by connecting them with ecological assets like the Gibsons Aquifer. The works created by the students will be presented to the community in the fall and some selected ones will be installed in public areas.

Gibsons’ residents are passionate about their aquifer, and preserving it is a high priority for Council. We understand water’s contribution to supporting critical ecosystems that lay the foundation for our livelihoods. On behalf of Council, I encourage everyone to celebrate Drinking Water Week by continuing to use this precious resource wisely, by learning more about our natural assets and being aware of the value and importance of water. I would also like to recognize the hard work done by our staff that maintain and operate the Town’s water and sewer systems effectively.

It takes all of us to protect it and sustain it for future generations.

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