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Cell service and electric vehicles on the Sunshine Coast

Cell service and electric vehicles on the Sunshine Coast

Despite paying some of the highest wireless rates in the world, 70 per cent of Canadians have a smartphone. How can you make sure you’re getting the best cell service on BC’s Sunshine Coast?

A Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) report shows that Bell received the most customer complaints followed by Rogers. Of the Big Three, Telus had the fewest.

According to the Canadian cellular towers map, Rogers has five towers on the Sunshine Coast. Bell has no towers; however, Bell and Telus have a history of sharing infrastructure. Lastly, Telus is shown to have dozens of towers.

Prices change so frequently, it’s impossible to say who provides the best deal. One tip is to include Virgin, Koodo, and Fido in your comparison shopping. They’re owned by the Big Three and provide identical service, often at substantial discounts.

While it’s difficult to say who provides the best cell service, Rogers’ high number of complaints and low number of cell towers puts them on the bottom of my list.

It’s interesting how benefits of technology can be magnified in small towns or remote communities.

Consider the improvements to internet speed on the Sunshine Coast over the last few years and how that has made relocating to the Coast a viable option for many looking to move away from the city and telecommute.

Another example is Electric Vehicles (EVs). At this stage, most car buyers are at least considering one for their next vehicle purchase.

The negatives of owning an electric vehicle (EVs) seems to focus on the issues surrounding their use in big cities and there is not much buzz about their use in small and medium-sized municipalities, which are actually perfect for using electric cars.

If you live and work in a smaller city or town — like Gibsons or Sechelt – you can easily go about your day-to-day business in an EV, without ever having to worry about running out of battery.

A good way to asses if you are a good fit for an EV is to add up how far you travel in a day and then cross reference that with the range of the EV you are considering.

Tony Browton is an award-winning Realtor who lives and works on BC’s Sunshine Coast. 

His weekly blog can be found here

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