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Check out what is growing in your community

Check out what is growing in your community

One Straw Society is holding an Edible Garden Tour and One Straw Potluck on Sunday, September 14 at a variety of locations on the Sunshine Coast.

10 am to 1 pm Gibsons to Roberts Creek, 1 to 4 pm Wilsons Creek to Halfmoon Bay and 4 to 6pm the Community Potluck will take place at Mission Point House.

The Edible Garden Tour is a self-guided tour of organic farms and gardens across the Sunshine Coast. Check out what is growing in your community, get inspired with great ideas for your own garden or farm and learn ways to support the local food movement.

There will be fun activities along the way including some guided tours and the Roberts Creek Heart Market, which features local growers, musicians and crafts. After the tour, join community fun ant the One Straw Potluck at Mission Point House in Mission Point Park from 4 to 6pm.


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