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Close call on computer scam

Close call on computer scam

On March 12, a Coast resident reported falling victim to a common fraud after he paid an on-line computer repair company to fix his computer in December, 2018, apparently satisfactorily.

This month, the resident received an update from the company advising that the company was going out of business and that they wanted to buy back the software that they had installed on the resident’s computer. The resident agreed to give the company “staff” remote access to his computer to “remove” the software, and thru the resident’s on-line banking, deposit the buy-back-fee. The scammer then advised the resident that they’d deposited 100 times the buy-back-fee in error, and requested the resident refund the excess five figure sum by wire transfer to a foreign bank.

The resident did as instructed, and then discovered that the funds had actually been transferred by the scammer from his line of credit to his bank account when they had remote access to his bank. Fortunately, the resident’s bank was able to halt the money transfer so in the end, the resident did not suffer any losses.

This scam’s pattern is very common and is applied to countless scenarios. To learn more about this and other popular scams, please visit sites such as The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at or the Better Business Bureau at Please share this information with your friends and family.

Submitted by RCMP

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