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Coast tales told at PH Secondary

Coast tales told at PH Secondary

Pender Harbour Wildlife is proud to present Coast Salish storyteller, Barbara Carmelita Higgins, Tues. Jan 16, 7pm at our usual venue, Pender Harbour Secondary School.

Mrs. Higgins, or Xwu’p’a’lich, has written hundreds of stories, poems and prayers drawing on her life and traditions about Sechelt, Egmont, Pender Harbour and Lasquetti Island.

With a medicine woman as her great grandmother, Barbara’s gift was recognised when she was yet a child by her Elders, who told her that they had been waiting for her to be born. They said they (her elders) would teach her for the important years of her life, after which she would enter the public school system at Egmont, where she was to learn the way the White man lived. When she learned their ways, she was to take both the Indian way and the White man way and weave them together to find a new way of living and co-existing together.


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