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Coast Watch Garry Nohr

Coast Watch Garry Nohr

August is the month that directors and staff catch up on letters and e-mails from constituents and read research materials to upgrade their knowledge on current SCRD issues. Meanwhile directors will try to attend as many exciting activities as possible on the Coast—for example, the writers’ festival—as well as such official events as the public process for Bill 24 Agriculture Land Commission changes and the review of the Disaster Emergency Plan for the province.

In my weekly meetings with constituents, the main discussion continues to be about changes to recycling and the different requirements of the MMBC (Multi-material BC) agreement with the SCRD. Some people have expressed appreciation for the way the SCRD was doing recycling before, and this new system concerns them. They fear that more material will go to the landfill or, worse yet, to Crown Land. The staff, directors, and recyclers do not want this to happen and staff are negotiating with the resource-recovery centers to accept more than the MMBC materials. Some residents are concerned about the recyclers’ operation hours and find shortened hours inconvenient. This issue is a topic for further negotiations with the recyclers.

The SCRD water department has implemented Stage 2 (moderate), which restricts sprinkling to two mornings a week. If you are not sure about restrictions please check under You can read information on different watering systems by using the link Drought Management Plan found on that page.

Other constituents are concerned about invasive plants on the Coast and what local governments are doing about eradication. SCRD does not have a budget function to deal with this threat, but the staff are trying to get grants to help citizens remove this problem. An invasive plant workshop is scheduled for September 9, 2014, and the public is welcome; please check the SCRD website or local papers for time and place.

Although BC Ferries is not a mandate of the SCRD, staff and directors have been working with the government to try to improve the situation concerning ticket costs or schedules. This summer, there have been many complaints about sailing delays and disruptions, and I am sure BC Ferries is also concerned. For more information about ferry concerns, contact Jef Keighley, Chair-BC Ferry Coalition 604-885-2290

I am getting complaints from cyclists and vehicle drivers about potholes and bumps on Hwy 101 and secondary roads. Problems with overgrown brush and grass along secondary roads are the responsibility of MOTI (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure). In rural areas the roads and highway are not in the mandate of the SCRD, and inquiries should be directed to Capilano Highways.

Please contact me about any of these items or other concerns at 604-741-2427 or I am available for discussions at SCRD or in Halfmoon Bay at Welcome Beach Market on Tuesdays at 9:15 until 10 or the Halfmoon Bay store from 10 to 12 on Fridays.

Garry Nohr

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