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The election campaigns are now in full swing for those either seeking re-election or new to the process. It is noticeable that some local officials have decided not to run in this 2014 election. There are many reasons why people do not run for an elected position—recent among them is the change of length of term from three to four years. All over the province, longstanding elected officials reviewed their options and decided that the four years was too much and stepped down.

I wish to thank three directors from the regional district that put in many years of their time to make the Sunshine Coast a better place to live and who have decided not to run: Donna Shugar from Area D, Roberts Creek; Gerry Tretick from the Town of Gibsons; and Lee Turnbull from Area F, Howe Sound. When you see them please thank them for their efforts on your behalf.

During election campaigns local government business normally slows down, as the elected officials are busy preparing for debates, getting their signs in place, and answering emails and phone calls from what they hope will be their future constituents. Due to circumstances, during this election the SCRD board can maintain business as usual with current members until the new directors are sworn in this coming December.

The three experienced people who are not running again can still concentrate on SCRD business. The present Vice Chair, Frank Mauro from Area A, Pender Harbour, and myself, the present Chair from Area B, Halfmoon Bay, are uncontested and thus able to concentrate on the next phase of the hospital expansion and other SCRD business. Because SIB (Sechelt Nation) maintains a different election program than local government, Chris August, the councillor from the band, will also be able to work on SCRD business. This means we have a board able to continue without distractions.

Director Mauro and I will attend the all-candidates meetings around the Coast. We will record the public’s concerns and the candidates’ replies, so that we can discuss these with the new board in December.

As soon as the new board is sworn in, there will be an orientation on service functions and the budget at SCRD and an opportunity to discuss the priorities of each of the new representatives.

I certainly hope you all will get out to vote on November 15, 2014. If you are going to be away on this date, please vote in the advanced polls on November 5 and the 12. Please check the local papers for the nearest polling station.

Please contact me about any of these items or other concerns at 604-741-2427 or I am available for discussions at SCRD or in Halfmoon Bay at Welcome Beach Market on Tuesdays at 9:30 to 10 or the Halfmoon Bay store at 10 to 12 on Fridays.

Garry Nohr

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