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Collectables Roadshow at Sunnycrest Feb. 24

Collectables Roadshow at Sunnycrest Feb. 24

Do you ever wonder about the value of some of your most prized possessions? Perhaps it’s that rare antique that has been passed down for generations, or maybe it’s a painting that bears a striking resemblance to an original Norval Morrisseau or Lawren Harris? Wonder no further – on Saturday, Feb. 24 9:30am-2:30pm, come down to the Antique and Collectables Roadshow at Sunnycrest Mall in Gibsons to get your items professionally appraised.

This is our annual Museum fundraising event and all proceeds will be used to help preserve and promote the awesome history of the Sunshine Coast.

Dig out your family heirlooms, mysterious art work, jewelry and memorabilia and bring them down to Sunnycrest Mall where our appraisers will give you an appraisal of value for your prized possession. Any item that you can carry into the mall will be appraised for a fee of $15 for one item, $20 for two, $25 for three and a $30 flat fee per collection. A collection is defined as items of a similar nature (think comic books, tea cups, coin collections, etc). There is a limit of three items per visit and you can visit as many times as you wish.  Appraisals are available from 9:30am to 2:30pm; first come first served.  In past years, community members have brought in limited edition sports memorabilia, rare musical instruments and even an original Emily Carr painting for appraisal. Bring your friends and family down to the Antique and Collectables Roadshow and see what community treasures are unveiled while supporting your local museum.

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