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Community forest grants

Community forest grants

Despite the Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF) undertaking no logging in 2019 and facing uncertainties about this year’s operations, over $110,000 in SCCF Legacy Fund grants were approved on July 15. Sechelt council, the elected representatives of SCCF’s only shareholder, confirmed the Legacy Fund assessment committee’s recommendations on five projects.
The Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society was awarded $81,000 for the first phase of the investigation and installation of wells for its Chapman Creek hatchery. Well water would be used to support operations when there are restrictions on drawing water from the creek. Such conditions are frequently experienced during summer months.
In addition to providing those funds, the committee suggested that Sechelt give an additional $50,000 to the Society for the second stage of the project from money being held in a Legacy Fund reserve, but council declined to do that.
A Legacy Fund grant of $8,000 was awarded to the Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living to help keep their clients secure with both food and housing.
About half of the cost of new appliances in a commercial kitchen upgrade at Roberts Creek Community Hall are to be covered by a Legacy Fund grant. The Roberts Creek Community Association was awarded $7,000 for that project, slated for completion in January 2021.
The purchase of a fridge, freezer and pop-up tents for St. Bart’s Food Bank will be paid for with $5,400 from this year’s grant program. Those items will help St. Bart’s offer fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and other perishable food items to food bank clientele, as well as provide shelter for their operations during inclement weather.
The Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives Society is set to receive a $12,000 Legacy Fund grant for a heating and air conditioning retrofit of its building in Lower
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