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Community input is integral to council goal-setting.

Recently, Town of Gibsons’ senior staff and council met (online) to update the Strategic Plan we first created near the start of this council’s four-year term. It’s a central document that lays out our six core objectives, along with the planned action items which will help us reach those objectives.
Since November 2018, we have realized many key goals, including live-streaming council meetings, developing and adopting a cannabis policy, extending the Gibsons Aquifer service area to Zone 3 residents and facilitating the development of 82 units of affordable housing.
We’ve also focused on increasing transparency and community engagement, though we’ve been somewhat thwarted on the latter by COVID-19 restrictions.
Now, as we enter the second half of our term, we are evaluating which priorities (in a very long list of potential items) we should focus on advancing over the next 22 months.
We know from previous consultation that affordable housing and climate change are top-of-mind issues for a majority of community members. But, given the limitations of municipal government powers and the Town’s financial resources, how do we best translate those concerns into positive, on-the-ground action?
To help inform our decision-making, the Town launched an online survey in December which asks participants to comment on the updated Strategic Plan, share related ideas for neighbourhood projects and tell us how best to communicate about Town happenings.
You can find a link to the survey at, and I strongly encourage you to spend 10 or 15 minutes sharing your thoughts.
In late 2020, the Town learned that we will be receiving $1.5 million under the federal government’s Safe Restart Agreement.
In order to ensure those funds provide a maximum benefit to those organizations that deliver essential support services to the Town’s residents, we’ll also be consulting separately with local non-profit groups on how they have been affected by COVID-19 and where additional funding might help.
Council’s mandate is to make decisions that reflect the diverse needs and desires of our citizens. We can do that best when we hear from a range of voices, so please complete a survey, send me an email at or give me a call at 604-989-2364.
I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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