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Coopers Green Hall

Coopers Green Hall

(Letter to SCRD rural board members)
We were very disappointed to learn that the SCRD is delaying the implementation of the rebuilding of Coopers Green Hall by planning to consult, once again, the community on issues that have already had extensive feedback.
This project was initiated in 2012, and there have been a number of public consultation processes over several years, including a public questionnaire June-July 2015, an open house July 12, 2015, an open house Sept. 28, 2015, an open house March 15, 2018, a public feedback form March 2018, a community task force 2017-18.
These initiatives produced over 450 responses from the community, with the majority in favour of building a new Coopers Green Hall in its current location. As a result, engineering studies were done, architectural drawings commissioned, and community fundraising pursued, exceeding its goal of $300,000.
With the approval this past summer of the joint Federal/Provincial Grant application to replace the community hall at Cooper’s Green, we assumed construction could begin in 2021. Now, we see a proposal to again go the community on issues for which the processes and the community have already informed the District. It is a complete waste of time and taxpayers’ money to duplicate work that has already been done.
We believe it will be a bitter disappointment to the residents of Halfmoon Bay and others on the Coast, who have supported this project for over eight years, to realize it appears to be on hold and may, in fact, be in danger altogether. Please reconsider your position.
Lynne & Peter Bogardus,
Halfmoon Bay

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