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Counterfeit money circulating

Counterfeit money circulating

Sunshine Coast RCMP would like to warn the public that there have been a few instances recently where retailers have been given counterfeit money.
In the most recent instance, a customer attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a Sechelt convenience store. The alert cashier noticed some discrepancies with the bill and notified the customer that it was counterfeit.
The Bank of Canada website provides great advice, such as:
During a transaction
If you suspect that you’re being offered a counterfeit note, assess the situation to ensure that you are not at risk. Then, do the following:
• Politely refuse the note and explain that you suspect that it may be counterfeit.
• Ask for another note (and check it too).
• Advise the person to check the note with the local police.
• Inform your local police of a possible attempt to pass suspected counterfeit
• Be courteous. Remember that the person in possession of the bill could be an innocent victim who does not realize that the note is suspicious.
After a transaction
If you suspect that you’ve received a counterfeit note, give it to the local police.
• If it’s real, you’ll get it back.
• Either way, the police should be informed of possible counterfeiting activity in your community. Timely reporting helps police and prosecutors bring counterfeiters to justice.
Submitted by RCMP

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