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Dads: up your fathering game

Dads: up your fathering game

Registration is now open for Sunshine Coast Community Services’ Dads Matter, a program to support fathers living in our community be the best dad they can be.

Research shows that children whose fathers are actively engaged are more successful academically and in peer relationships. Community Services’ Child and Family Counselling team heard from local fathers, mothers and other coastal organizations that there was a gap in support services available to fathers living on the Sunshine Coast

In April 2018, Community Services was able to fill some of that gap through the creation of the Dads Matter program, a free program offered by the Sunshine Coast Community Services Society for fathers who would like to up their fathering game. The program is in its second run after a successful launch in the spring of 2018 where 13 men completed the eight-week program. Dads meet for dinner, conversation and learning once a week. They talk about the challenges of relationships and parenting, learn to identify and share feelings, along with ways to break the stress/anger habit and create healthier coping strategies for our high-pressure world.

This program also fosters leadership amongst the participants to encourage a network of fathers supporting fathers in our community. The men who completed the program report gaining skills that improved the way they think about themselves and relate to their families.

“Knowing I’m not alone in this parenting journey has helped immensely,” said one program participant.

The fall session of Dads Matter starts on Tuesday, Oct. 2. The eight-week free program will be held every Tuesday evening (5pm – 7pm) through Nov. 20 at Frank West Hall (1224 Chaster Road, Gibsons).

Anyone who is fathering (dads, single dads, step-dads, etc) are encouraged to come out, meet other dads and learn:

• about the change in the fathering role;

• about the importance of fathers;

• how to create more connection with your child(ren);

• how to set a good example for your child(ren);

• about effective discipline without punishment;

• developmental stages;

• about your own reactions and how to gain more control over them

To register for this program, please call Child Care Referral and Resource office at 604-885-5657.


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