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Democracy alive in Gibsons

I am shocked and appalled at reading articles and listening to comments about divisiveness and negative tones in Gibsons town meetings. To me it shows that the call for transparency  and democracy is still alive and well.

My vote will always go to mayoral and councilor candidates who are protecting our OCP that was voted for by the majority of Gibsons citizens as well as our democracy, which seems to be taken away from us of late. Now anyone with legitimate reasons against any project, it being the George or other projects is considered a nay sayer and negative, when all in all they are protecting what we should be about, namely transparency, democracy and fairness. Please stop attacking these Mayoral and councilor candidates who dont want to be” yes people” or their opinion changed by all sorts of grandiose offers. Please be knowledgeable and vote.

Jack Stein, Gibsons

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