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Denise Henshaw: Giving back and making a difference

Denise Henshaw: Giving back and making a difference

Denise Henshaw’s personal experience with her aging mother was the motiving factor in her decision to start her Sunshine Coast’s Nurse Next Door franchise.  The two lived in separate provinces.   Denise was in a demanding career. She could not visit her Mom as often as she wanted to or assist her with the tasks of day to day life. Both recognized that living independently was becoming more difficult for the senior to manage as time went on.

Denise Henshaw, Owner/Manager, Nurse Next Door Home Care Services, Sunshine Coast.

With her mother determined to stay in her own home, Denise and her family hired a firm called the ‘Nurse Next Door’ to help make it possible. This worked out well.  The experience showed Denise how important and reassuring it could be to know that her loved one had high quality home care in place.  It also showed her the difference that reliable and supportive care could make to her Mom’s quality of life.

Nurse Next Door (NND) Home Care Services is a Vancouver based company focused on providing support to seniors who need help to live in their own homes.  Established in 2001, it branched out into franchising in 2007.  The company is committed to a ‘Happier Aging’ approach to help seniors maintain their independence.

Denise moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2015 and was ready to make a career change. She quickly became aware that the Coast has an aging demographic, as well as limited care facilities and supportive housing options. Her positive experiences with NND lead her to open the Sunshine Coast franchise in the summer of 2016.

In 2017, Denise was recognized as “Rookie of the Year” for the franchise’s system. This award recognized how she achieved strong business results in her first 18 months of operations, while maintaining her focus on making a difference in the lives of aging seniors.

“The biggest challenge for my business has been finding that balance between hiring and marketing. It takes time to build credibility within the community.  Achieving this trust and feeling embraced by the community is very rewarding,” said Denise.

Denise credits her team of employees for much of her franchise’s success to date.

“We currently employ about 20 part time to full time caregivers and nurses.  We are always looking for people that exemplify compassion and caring to join us.  There is so much opportunity in our community, as we provide a variety of services, from companionship right up to vital nursing care,” said Denise.

The most rewarding aspect of Denise’s new career is meeting and helping people.  She enjoys being able to provide our community’s seniors with the option to stay in their own home.

“The Nurse Next Door believes in going beyond assistance with daily living. We can help seniors to grow mentally, physically and emotionally, no matter where they are in life.  The possibility to reignite passions they used to have or want to develop is there,” said Denise.  The goal is to have NND clients   living happy, healthy and hopefilled lives.

In-home care is something all Canadians may someday need to be able to maintain the lives they love.  Denise Henshaw is a strong example of an entrepreneur finding balance in her life by working to help build it in others.

To find out more about the services of Sunshine Coast Nurse Next Door, visit, or call 60-747-2848.

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