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District principal appointment

District principal appointment

Patrick Bocking, Superintendent of Schools for School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) is pleased to announce that Vanessa Clarke has been appointed to the position of District Principal, Student Support Services effective February 1, 2013. Dan Galazka, currently District Principal of Student Support, will be assuming responsibilities with the Delta School District at that time.

Ms. Clarke holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and has held the position of Vice-Principal at Chatelech Secondary School since September 2009. Joining the school district in 1997, Ms. Clarke has been an early intermediate teacher at Gibsons Elementary and special education teacher at Chatelech Secondary and Halfmoon Bay Elementary Schools.

“I am enthusiastic about my new role in the school district and look forward to continue working with students, staff and parents in our community,” commented Ms. Clarke.  Patrick Bocking added, “I am excited about the talents and skills that Ms. Clarke will bring to her new assignment. I would also like to thank Dan Galazka for his commitment to the education and welfare of all of our students, to his colleagues and the Student Support team since the spring of 2011.”

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