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Diversity Valued

At SD46, we believe in inclusion. We value the diversity of each student and believe they can and should feel welcome. This has never been more evident than right now in our district. This year, with the support of Director Kate Kerr, we have added district inclusion teams. These teams, made up of Inclusion Support Teachers, Educational Assistants, and Family Navigators, are available to help with a wide variety of initiatives, including trauma-sensitive practices, positive behaviour supports, self-regulation support, classroom design, competency-based IEPs (individualized education plans) and much more. These teams are designed to help not just the student but their families, their classroom teacher and their community.
The board has created a brand-new anti-racism policy. This policy is especially near to our hearts this week when we heard from our students in a video (available on our website) about what racism means to them. This policy will not stand on its own; we are already working on an anti-poverty policy and removing financial barriers to education. These policies, along with SOGI (sexual orientation/gender identity), are only the beginning to ensuring that our district is fully inclusive to all students and staff.
With all this talk about inclusion, I wanted to know what our youngest students know about it, so I asked my son, who is in grade 4, “What does inclusion mean to you, and how does it feel to be included?”
He said, “Inclusion means being a good friend. It makes me feel happy when I’m included.”
So, I encourage you all to practice being good friends, not just at home, but at work, at the grocery store, and everywhere else, because our kids’ happiness depends
on it.

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