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Do you qualify for $250?

Do you qualify for $250?

P 9 Wood-pile-2The Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society (SCCAS) has been coordinating the provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program locally since 2009 and has made over 265 rebates of $250 to local residents who have upgraded wood-burning appliances.

This program is funded by the BC Ministry of Environment and administered by the BC Lung Association.

While EPA-certified wood-burning appliances are considerably lower in particulate emissions than old wood-burning models, for optimal low emissions we encourage those making upgrades to consider qualifying electric or replacements. These are outlined at

As of this writing, funds for 2015 have been awarded to SCCAS for 30 exchange rebates but have not yet been received. Once funding is received we will host a free public Burn It Smart workshop to demonstrate the most efficient methods of burning wood for home heating.

Please check for announcements on this informative session and for a list of Wood Stove Exchange Program participating vendors in local media and on our website at or



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