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Drag racing on the strip — not on the street

Drag racing on the strip — not on the street

It’s been a few years but the automotive shop at Elphinstone High School is a hub of activity. With two donated drag cars, a group of enthusiastic students, a teacher sponsor and a few volunteers, there’s something serious going on in the shop.

The non-accredited course is Drag Racing 101. This after-school program has a number of students sanding panels, lifting motors, installing brackets and prepping these classics for the strip. With Drag Racing 101 moving from the shop to the strip at the Sechelt Airport on May 25 and 26, the pressure is on to have these drag racers ready.

On May 25 the Elphinstone High School Drag Racing Team will be attending the test and tune at the Sechelt Airport and then on May 26 they will be making passes in front of the spectators.

For more information contact Richard at 604-230-5067 or
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