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Early concept for Gospel Rock Village built from community conversations

Early concept for Gospel Rock Village built from community conversations

Following a second series of meetings with local community groups – including TRaC (Transportation Choices – Sunshine Coast), the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society and For the Love of Gospel Rock Society – Greenlane Homes is moving forward with the preparation of a plan and rezoning application for Block 7 within the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan Area.

The early stage concept for the Gospel Rock Plan is “amenity heavy” and secures public access and key natural open spaces for recreation and conservation. In addition to the proposed expansion of park surrounding Cross Rock and Little Africa, the concept also proposes a new “green lane” as a linear park intended to preserve and enhance the existing public trail access.

Central to the neighbourhood concept, the green lane links the imagined Gospel Rock village area with the big views at a public park and lookout.

“We’re hearing the community reiterate the vision and goals of the Gospel Rock [Neighbourhood] Plan,” said said Ji Yongqiang, President of Greenlane Homes. “At the same time, we think we can develop a site plan that is much more sensitive to the unique features of this place. We are pleased with the overall direction of early planning and look forward to further discussions and refinements to the concept.”

In addition to the protection of green space, the concept proposes a village centre – including rental housing, live/work units and a small inn and brewery – to be built within the first phase of development on site. The remainder of development on site consists of a mix of townhouse and single-family homes. The project team has also indicated that additional controls ( guidelines) will be used to ensure all buildings are in keeping with their surroundings.

An information meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26th, to be held at the Gibsons Public Market (473 Gower Point Road) between 5pm and 8pm. Following the meeting, Greenlane Homes intends to refine the concepts and develop a formal rezoning application to the Town of Gibsons.

“We look forward to continuing our work with the local community, Town staff and Council to realize a thoughtful plan for this special place,” said Mr. Ji.


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