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Here comes the sun

As the days get longer and the temperature finally warms up, it truly feels like Spring is around the corner. But is it really? Those little sprouts showing their heads in the garden are actually deceiving us, and we probably have a couple more months of winter fun to go.
The big difference now, is that we are starting to see the sunlight more. That has invigorated people to search out some needed vitamin D and start playing outside again.
It must be noted that there were those hardy souls who never stopped going outside, riding bikes, or even heading out in their kayaks. They braved the cold rain over the past two months while the rest of us hibernated or flew off to warmer climates. These hardcore folks should be admired and mark my words, they will be rewarded with a dash of good health.
There’s still hope for the rest of us. Just look outside your window and you’ll notice more people are out walking after work, playing sports at their local field, and generally enjoying some fresh air and exercise again.
Now, we can’t expect everyone to suddenly stop watching TV altogether and jump on a treadmill. After all, the NHL is back and New Orleans is hosting Super Bowl XLVII next weekend. It has been a very interesting end to the NFL season. The Baltimore Ravens upset the favoured New England Patriots and have advanced to play against The San Francisco 49ers.
The most interesting fact about this game is that two brothers are coaching the opposing teams striving to attain what many call, the biggest prize in the United States of America. Can you imagine your brother (sister) coaching against you in a match that big? What would the banter be like around the dinner table next time you had him and his family by for supper.
Anyhow, as many sit back with an abundance of snacks and cold beverages, there will be a number of other folks out cross country skiing on the beautifully groomed trails up at Dakota Ridge. If you haven’t been, it’s a winter wonderland located right here in our backyard. It’s centrally located and only about 15 minutes from the IGA in Wilson Creek. Winter tires or chains are recommended, but once you get the family up there, it feels like you’re in a different world. Don’t forget the sleds!
Aside from popping up to Dakota Ridge, there are several things you can do to keep yourself happy and healthy for the rest of the season:
Number one is to sleep well. You should be getting seven to nine hours and most of us barely get six. Figure out why you aren’t getting enough sleep and try and make a few changes to give you that extra hour or two. A small change can make a big difference in your overall mood.
Number two would be to try and eat better. A good diet will help keep your energy up. Pick foods that reward your body including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are always a good option. There are a number of personal trainers and fitness specialists on the Coast who are fully geared and ready to lend a hand where needed.
Number three is to stay hydrated. Be sure to get your body enough water. Yes, it’s important in the winter months too. Learn to recognize the signals that you might be dehydrated (including dry lips and fatigue) and act on them. Keeping a bottle of water with you is always a good idea. Drinking more water will give you increased energy and stamina.
Finally, be active. If you don’t already have an exercise routine in place, now is a great time to start.  If you do have a plan, consider mixing it up a bit. There are amazing yoga and pilates centres across the Coast along with a full range of professional fitness centre’s and even bootcamp.
Martial arts, sports and just about any outdoor activity will not only benefit your body but will soothe your soul.
Jim Doery, Editor

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