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Education Matters

Education Matters

I would like to begin this article by once again thanking those in our district who have gone above and beyond in keeping our education system moving through the last few months. I would like to say that the battle is over, and that our district and the world are sitting back and enjoying their well-deserved summer break…But I cannot. Much more work is needed to set up for the ‘new normal’ coming in September. We will find out which stage from the Ministry of Education likely sometime in August. Dr. Bonnie Henry will keep us all advised on the health and safety issues. This information will be shared with you as it is so important for families to be prepared for the future months ahead regarding school.
Throughout these unprecedented times information is kept current on our website,, under the COVID-19 heading at the top of our front page. In this section, you will find what the district is doing to keep our students, staff and community safe. Scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions and that may answer questions you have. There is also our Health & Safety Plan and many resources available for parenting through these troubled times, Digital Learning, Online Safety and of course Mental Health. Measures put in place over previous months as well as where we hope to be when we hit Stages 2 and 1. Any unanswered questions can be sent to
New ways of doing and being are ahead of us as we venture into the unknown. But as we reflect, we realize that the future is always the unknown. And by we, I mean all of us. Chin-Chin Sway…We Are All in This Together.

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