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Education Matters

Education Matters

Wyatt Henley education mattersElphinstone Secondary School has been my home for the last five years. The school is rich in personality and academic excellence.  I am proud to be a student.
On a normal Elphinstone morning, the school is greeted by student-run announcements over the PA: Jokes on Friday; a “weather Wednesday” forecast from student Josh Stanley; or the usual enthusiastic banter to open the day on a bright note.
Lunchtime at our school is never a dull place. Whether it’s a slip and slide, an intramural badminton tournament, or a rugby team lemonade sale, it is always something interesting.
Elphinstone is known for its amazing cafeteria food. Students wait eagerly in line for the delicious meals cooked by the universally-loved chef Barry, or simply “Chef” as he is known. Everything from pasta primavera to a classic Elphi chocolate chip cookie is delivered with quality. Students work in the cafeteria at lunch running the till and serving food.
For a small school, Elphinstone is a top performer in sports. The gym displays a row of impressive championship banners from provincials and other tournaments. As well as league sports, intramural tournaments are common. Events such as dodgeball tournaments draw participants of all ages and crowds of spectators into the gym at lunch.
Elphinstone is a school filled with talent. Walls are covered in student art, and music drifts out of the drama room at lunch as students jam on their free time. The art room has everything from photo development to glass etching; something for everyone.
Elphinstone is truly an incredible learning environment. There are opportunities for students to pursue anything they wish with the help of amazing teachers. On Tuesdays after school, the shop classes are filled with students learning about trades in their free time, and at lunchtime artistic students are in the art room creating. The students of Elphinstone are what make the school what it is. Keen, involved, and friendly students make for a welcoming environment filled with pride. Fundraisers, pep rallies, and sporting events packed with fans are numerous. A walk down any hallway will be met with smiling faces from kids who look like they really are at home.
Overall, Elphinstone Secondary is an amazing school filled with enthusiasm for learning and pride.

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