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Elder care abysmal 

Elder care abysmal 

After reading numerous opinions about the controversial long- term care plan for the Sunshine Coast (ie. new facility to be run by Trellis Corporation) I would like to make a few points.

Whether private or public funding, for-profit or not-for-profit…care for the elderly, frail and vulnerable, seems to be abysmal, right across the country. I speak from experience, as my 88-year-old mother recently needed care in a publicly funded “rehab” facility in Montreal. The “care” she received in this publicly funded facility was nothing short of neglectful and undignified. Our family opted to hire private caregivers and to remove her from this unsafe, cold and uncaring environment as soon as possible, an option not available to others without the financial means and/or advocates to help them through this.

I recently had a very different experience while admitted to Sechelt Hospital for a minor surgery. The care I received there was excellent and the resources more than adequate.  What a contrast to the “care” my 88-year-old mother received.

We can talk about overstretched resources, but what about redistributing and managing those resources so that our older people can get the same standard of care as I received?  I believe part of the problem is that our society doesn’t fully appreciate the care needs of older people.  I only hope that this warehousing of seniors gets more attention. Until you experience it yourself with a loved one, you may be ignorant to how seniors are treated in our health care system. That goes for public as well as private for-profit facilities. You would never see this in a paediatric setting.

Corinna O’Neill, Roberts Creek

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