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Elphinstone Logging Focus movie projects

Elphinstone Logging Focus movie projects

Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) is pleased to provide a link to the Vimeo site where we have posted a new film entitled: ‘The Douglas Fir Veterans of the Elphinstone Slopes’.

On Jan 15th, 2015 we conducted a field study with a group of volunteers that the film documents. This forest shows an ecology of Douglas fir as the dominate tree species, with Western Hemlock and Western Red Cedar as the emerging understory. A total of 98 old-growth Douglas fir trees were identified in a 55Ha area.

See the film at:

Currently, ELF is raising funds to produce another film on the subject of Elphinstone’s world-famous mushroom habitat. We will interview local fungal experts, harvesters, and 1st Nation knowledge keepers and get out into the forest to identify the 20+ edible mushrooms we have here. We can hire a professional video production person to complete the job for only $1,000. Please consider helping us to raise funds by sending in a donation of $30-$50. Your name will be included at the end of the film as a sponsor. Thanks for helping out.

Ross Muirhead and Hans Penner, Elphinstone Logging Focus, Roberts Creek

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