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Excitement building as Roberts Creek ArtsFest nears

Excitement building as Roberts Creek ArtsFest nears

The Roberts Creek Arts Festival, to be held May 16 – 18, builds on previous success with eight venues celebrating the highest calibre of arts in dream-come-true collaborative locations. Each venue features live music, visual/performance arts, and artisan foods.

The three night and two day, low impact cultural event spotlights local and international talent. The contemporary creative cultural community of Roberts Creek promises a unique experience with wild, diverse coastal self expression through music, design, visual and performing arts and of course food – created locally and exported and celebrated globally. Two shuttles will be in operation from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, picking up and dropping off visitors at the festival locations.

With all day free shuttle buses and all venues being within hiking or cycling distance of one another, this European-style May long weekend is a rare opportunity to experience the cultural and creative coastal life.


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